Adding the Value of your Home with Vinyl Siding


Do you want to increase the value of your home? The first thing most homeowners will think of when they want to sell the property is renovating the interior. Have you considered adding vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding not only creates an aesthetic appeal in your home but also protects it from water damage.

Continue reading through the article to discover why most people want to install it.

4 Big Benefits of Vinyl Siding


One of the reasons why most homeowners love it is because it is durable and strong.  It can also withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking or becoming brittle.


Vinyl siding will always have that new look year after year. It is easy to maintain. It does not fade from weather elements. The only maintenance it requires is spraying once a year. This is because the color is baked through the vinyl.

In case moisture becomes problematic, just re-caulk the joints between the trim and siding.


Over time, vinyl siding is very cost-effective, especially when compared to repairing and repainting wood. The initial cost mainly depends on the size of your home, quality, and thickness of siding.

In addition, it offers a layer of installation hence reducing energy bills.

Comes in different colors and styles

Previously, vinyl was only available in few colors but with formula changes in its manufacturing process, it is now available in many colors. These colors have lighter tones and hue and can withstand UV-caused weathering.

It also mimics wood perfectly. This makes it the ideal material to replace wood while retaining the timber’s aesthetic beauty.

Simple Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

Getting details right when installing vinyl siding will save you many hours of frustration later on. Here are simple tips:

  • First, caulk any crack around doors and windows before installing the vinyl sidings. The surface to which siding will be installed should be smooth and solid.
  • If you want to enhance the energy efficiency, consider installing a foil foam sheath especially if your home is wood-sided.
  • It is worth noting that sidings and trims expand and contract with temperature changes. Therefore, corner posts should be installed approximately ¼ inch away from the soft fit.
  • When installing siding near the door or window area, start with longer panels. Long panels are not easy to adjust since they don’t stretch readily like the short ones.

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Option

Vinyl comes in different colors, styles, and types. However, the challenge is choosing the best option. For instance, there are three main types: shake/shingle, horizontal, and vertical. Under each of these types, there are many different styles. Each style is available in different thickness, texture, length, and cost.

Start with a vision; decide on what you want. Then ask your siding contractor for their input. Contractors install vinyl on a regular basis. Consequently, they will be in a position to advise you accordingly.

Finally, when it comes to choosing the color, pick a light color. It will help you sell the property within a few months.  A darker color makes your house look small. On the other hand, warm and bright colors give an illusion of a new, larger and more welcoming home.

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