Best-Kept Secrets for Successfully Selling Your Home


Selling your home can be a long process. It can feel overwhelmingly tough at times, but it’s important that you don’t give into one of the first offers you get as it will likely be very low compared to your listing price. Below we’ve compiled a list of our best-kept secrets to help sell your home for a profit. Let’s take a look.

Have Online Listings 

Some people tend to forget that it’s the digital age. It’s an absolute must that you have your home listed online. The internet is the first place that potential homebuyers go to start their search. If you don’t list your property online, it’s likely you are going to miss a large portion of the home buying market.

Your listing agent, which may be from, should take care of most of these listings. Be sure you ask your agent if they have an online marketing presence. One major tip to keep in mind is that more pictures sell. Basic online home listings have about six pictures. There’s enough to get a general idea of what the home looks like, but if it’s not too enticing many won’t visit the house in person.

Instead, make sure your listing agent posts an abundance of pictures. This will entice more homebuyers to come see your property, as they feel like they already know what it looks like. Remember, the more pictures the better.

Spice Up Your Listing With A Video 

Take it a step further and shot a video of your home. Use a camera that has a decent pixel ratio as the point is for viewers to actually see what is in the video. Walk through your house and do a tour. This is great for people who are highly personable as viewers can feel a connection to the person before ever meeting them.

One thing that many people look for in a home is seeing if the previous homeowners actually cared for it. Narrate the video and include your favorite things about your home. Tell potential buyers what is in the area and places you usually visit, such as a local coffee shop. Create a picture of your life so they can imagine what their life would be like living in your home.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping 

The first look anyone has of your home is the outside. It doesn’t matter how spectacular the inside looks, if the outside of your home looks unkept, no one is going to look past the first picture. Spend some extra money on landscaping features and even outdoor furniture.

Take some pictures of sunny day deck parties and the view from your yard. There’s just something about outside entertaining that people connect with having a good time. Remember you’re not just selling the house, you’re also selling the property it is on.

Be Ready For A Showing At Any Time 

Don’t make it hard for your realtor to show your home to potential buyers. In fact, encourage showings whenever potential buyers are willing. This may mean nighttime showings or weekend showings. By allowing for a more flexible showing schedule, you are more likely to attract potential buyers. Make sure your agent puts flexible listing hours on each one of your online listings so that buyers are aware of the benefit.

By following these secret home selling techniques, we are sure that you will successfully sell your home for a profit. Remember that attracting the buyer should be your number one priority. Don’t settle for what is the easiest for you, make it all about the buyer and you’ll profit in return.


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