3 Reasons to Have Your Home Repainted


Most people only repaint their home when they’re looking to update its style. But did you know that repainting your home can do more than just boost the aesthetics? When you repaint a room inside your home or even its exterior, you’ll not only be refreshing or changing the colour, but also protecting your investment.

Repainting can help better protect your home from mould and mildew and create a weather sealant as well. There’s a lot you can benefit from when you repaint your home, inside or out. Here are 5 reasons you should repaint your home.

Restore Faded Colour

Loss of paint pigment is normal, but the process can be sped up due to UV exposure. Therefore, the paint job on the exterior of your home may fade quicker than any of your interior paint jobs. Surfaces will become dull and washed out over time since the paint film is deteriorating.

Darker and bolder colours tend to fade quicker than lighter colours. So when you’re choosing colours for your home, be sure to keep that fact in mind. Wiltshire painters and decorators can help when making colour choices for your home.

Get Rid of Mould and Water Stains

Mould and mildew stains are common, especially when it comes to any home’s exterior or areas in the home where humidity and water are often present. For example, you may find mould and mildew stains in your bathroom or wherever there has been a leak.

It’s always best to have any mould or mildew assessed and treated. You can then follow up with a paint job to seal and protect your home from potential issues in the future.

Improve Aesthetics

Last but not least, a paint job will help refresh your home and give it a new look. This is especially important if you’re planning on redecorating or selling your home.


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