A Bedroom Can Be Made To The Customer’s Exact Specifications


Waking up in the morning should be a pleasurable experience and this can be achieved by having every piece of furniture made to order.

Every piece of furniture looks infinitely better when it has been crafted the fit the tastes of one person rather than being a mass-produced item.

Customers should visualise their perfect bedroom and then they are able to share this vision with a bespoke furniture company.

  • Beds can be made to a specific size and with a specific material. Custom-made beds created by Grays Fitted Furniture are especially useful for tall men who cannot find the right bed in the shops.
  • Wardrobes can be built from scratch so that they have different compartments for shoes, bags and clothes as well. A walk-in wardrobe can be constructed if there is enough room in the house on the upper floor.
  • Tables and chairs can be inserted into the room so people can sit down to do their makeup or to straighten their hair when they wake up in the morning.
  • Mirrors can be made and then installed so that getting dressed is not a game of guesswork in the morning.


Beds are the most important piece of furniture in this particular room, so they should be ordered before anything else. Select a company that makes the bed from scratch because then the desired outcome will be achieved. Steel and wood are two of the most popular materials for beds, so decide which one fit in with the style of the room. Also, think about how much space is needed, because two tall people need more space than two small people.


Clothes should not be kept in messy piles on the floor because then they look creased and unpresentable. Clothes such as suits and dresses have to be hung up in a wardrobe, so have one built from scratch.

Simple wardrobes only have space for clothes. However, this might not be ideal for anyone who wants their wardrobe to be multi-purpose. Space for shoes and handbags can be included in the wardrobe.

A walk-in wardrobe used to be the preserve of the rich and famous, but this is no longer the case. Walk-in-wardrobes can be designed with the help of a fully-trained expert. Once the walk-in-wardrobe has been designed, it is installed in the house.

Fill the walk-in-wardrobe with everything from coats to shoes and make sure that everything is easy to find at a moment’s notice.


Tables are useful in the bedroom so that women are able to do their makeup in the morning. The table has to be wide enough for a mirror to be put on the top. Also, the table has to contain several drawers so that all of the makeup can be stored safely.

The Transformation Will Be Worth It

When a bedroom is transformed with the insertion of a new bed and new furniture, this makes the owners very happy. They feel like they are stepping into a completely new room.

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