Top 7 Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home


When you finally decide to sell your house it is important that you evaluate the net worth before actually advertising since this will remove any chance of you getting less amount for the house. It is a common observation that a house maintained better is sold at a better price. You just need to spend a few thousand dollars and you will receive a profit hundred thousand dollars. Here are few tips that will help you increase the value of your home.

External repairs and painting:

When a buyer comes this will be the first thing he notices. To increase the interest of buyer you should make this part the most attractive. Get repair for even the little inches that are damaged and get a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls of your house. This will make your home look new and the renovation will make it perfect for the first look.

Doors and windows:

Old, creaky doors are what drive buyers away. Get the doors polished and if they need to be replaced, do that. Also keep the same type of doors for the entire house since the mix palette seems odd. The windows should also be checked and efficient windows should be installed since windows will be a control to the environment inside the house.

Yard fixing:

If you have a yard don’t just rely on it to attract people just the way it is. Groom it. Get a gardener to utilize the space in the best way possible. Another way to make it better is by installing lights in the yard. This makes for a nice setting which can attract the buyers. Do make them visit the house at night too.


It doesn’t actually come in minds of people to get a good flooring in the house. But when a buyer enters he looks at the floor to know the age of the house and the level of cleanliness it has. Do not let the old rusty carpets stay. Hardwood floors, vinyl setting and granite tiling are few of the most attractive flooring ideas. Use the one that fits your budget.


The kitchen is the heart of the house. If the setting here goes out that will result in a NO from the buyers. The cabinets should be in ample amount. The color palette and the lighting should be enough that there remains no issue.


This is the part of house that is used often and no compromise is made with the situation here. The seepage shouldn’t be there at all. All the plumbing should be done and if there is any damage or issue with any of the mentioned things get it fixed before you lose a deal.


The roof is the main foundation of the house and a buyer will not accept if there is any fault with it. You must provide the buyer with document or a warranty of the roof and the foundations of the house. These were a few tips to better home. You can always think of something out of the box.

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