ADT Alarm System: Unbreakable Alarm System for Your House


ADT is a name to reckon with in the field of anti-intruder alarm system. Almost 93% of burglars interviewed have said that they are wary of a property with ADT alarms installed. This is because of the wireless technology, the efficient engineers and the 24/7 monitoring centres, which are based locally and can inform the customer and concerned authorities ASAP.

ADT alarms are a household name in the UK. The popularity of the brand is due to its effectiveness and affordability and the promptness of response. The alarm system has been developed keeping in mind a host of scenarios. For example, ADT alarm is wireless which means it won’t matter if the telephone line is cut.


The important features of the ADT alarms are

  • All signalling is sent via GPRS and its fast and effective.
  • The detectors and keypads are screwed to the walls with minimal damage to the property.
  • There is a 30 seconds entry and exit time.
  • An installation usually takes about 3 hours and done by qualified engineers.
  • The alarms are pet friendly and able to differentiate between an intruder and your dog for instance.
  • If someone tries to rip off the sensor from the wall it will be evident from the signs of tamper and a warning light will light up after 30 seconds.
  • The ADT sensor always sends a test signal to the ARC every 30 days as a proof that it’s working fine. This gives you peace of mind that the alarm is at work.
  • The alarm works even when there is a power failure. A signal is sent to the ARC by the panel and the customer is alerted. Thus even if an intruder tries to switch the main off, still the customer will know and can alert the authorities.
  • ADT alarm system comes with smoke detectors and panic button. Thus your house is always monitored 24/7 even when you are not around.

ADT alarms UK are very professional in their approach after sales service. The company remotely services your alarm system one year after the installation and an engineer will visit and service your alarm in the second year. Apart from this you can always contact the company helpline and speak to a security consultant.

ADT serves over 300,000 homes in the UK and the monitoring centre is UK based. This means local support and quick response in case of an intrusion. The centre employs 400 security experts who know how to deal with intruder alerts and a 24/7 support centre so you can rest easy. Almost 1600 professionally trained engineers are on 24/7 so that any problem can be fixed ASAP thus minimising the time your home is left unprotected. With over 100 years’ experience in anti- intruder systems ADT continuously strives to upgrade its products to a military grade quality.

Many vulnerable places in the UK use ADT alarm systems to safeguard their premises. That includes Banks, Embassies, Airports and even Police Stations. This is because of the state of the art products

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