Pool Care Tips


Searing summer day and your swimming pool becomes a peaceful respite from the heat. When it comes to swimming pool, comfort means more than diving into the cool blue water. You need to perform maintenance from time to time to ensure that it is healthy to swim. Swimming pools need to be free of debris, worms and bacteria to cater to your summer needs. If they are anything less than that, it matters little how well-designed and how well-appointed they are. Each time you step outside to the backyard, your pool should make you feel totally at ease and totally pampered.

When the pool outside is less than appealing, you are missing an uplifting experience every time the patio door is opened. Think about all the use of a swimming pool. With proper pool care, you can swim day and night, invite friends and family for a pool party, conduct swimming classes for some extra bucks, or use it as a public recreation pool. If you often work at home, an outdoor swimming pool is a practical and enjoyable entertaining element. All the furniture that are placed near the pool makes the space charming and elegant.

Pool Care Tips

Pool requires proper care, weekly or monthly depending on the condition, use and other factors. This may seem like a tall order for a 1000 sq-ft space. Sure, it is a tall order for those short on time, experience and money. Some people tackle the care task all by themselves. The knowledge from books, voices of experienced and lessons learned from mistakes are invaluable. Others leave it to the professionals. Either way, cleaning pool is something that should not be neglected or postponed.

Skimming, brushing, cleaning vacuuming and chlorinating water are some of the elements of creating a safe and refreshing oasis. Keeping the pool clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Every pool is unique, and so there are maintenance needs that are fit for one pool but don’t go well with the rest. What’s in the pool may determine how much time you spend in cleaning it. If you are dealing with murky water, the water needs to be refilled. If the pump is broken, it’s time to call a professional. No matter how much you rely on the service company, some things can be done on your own before handing it over.

Water Circulation

Water in the pool must be circulated on a regular basis to preserve sanitation. When the water is in motion, it is impossible for bacteria or algae to take hold. Whatever debris that are in the water is collected by the filter, so you have a clean pool after a while.

Water Filtration

Filter is one of the most important equipment of your pool. Filter is used to remove debris collected in the pool as well as microscopic substances. When the water pressure in this equipment reaches a certain level, it should be back-washed, which means materials trapped should be removed from the filter. Every filter needs to be chemically cleaned as well. A suitable chemical will remove all the oils and deeply embedded debris.

Pool Chemicals

Pool care involves treating water with appropriate chemicals periodically. The chemicals shouldn’t be harsh, the best approach is to use green variety that provides the required sanitation environment for swimming, balance that the water needs and the brilliant and sparkling color that is inviting.

Pool Cleaning

Algae and bacteria grow in areas that are out of water circulation boundary. Cleaning the walls and floor is essential in this case to remove any debris that the filter may have missed. This should be done at least once a week to ensure safety. Brushing or vacuuming is a must even if there is an automatic pool cleaner.

Pool Water Testing

Pool water characteristics must be regularly measured and adjusted. Some of these include pH level and level of active sanitizer. By testing these factors, you will better understand the condition of your pool, the affect of weather and products on pool water. This can be done two or three times a month. Pool water should be tested for further safety as well. This will help you reduce the potential for water-borne illnesses.

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