Adding the Right Outdoor Living Space to Your Yard


Summer means backyard BBQs, touch football and all day play dates for the kids. It also provides a great reason to landscape your backyard to include a new entertainment space. Use a gazebo, pergola or pavilion to add an outdoor room to your yard.

Benefits of an Outdoor Room

An outdoor covered living space adds to your yard and home value in many ways. It provides:


  • shelter from the elements,
  • protection from biting, stinging bugs,
  • a rest area,
  • an entertainment space,
  • a dining area,
  • aesthetic landscaping value.

An outdoor room lets you know expand your home without the cost or hassle of renovation. It also can provide additional privacy since some designs feature screened or full walls. Outdoor spaces that attach to the home can shield it from the hot sun, making it easier to cool the interior. Many options come pre-fabricated and a professional construction crew can assemble them in a workday or so.

Contact Lancaster County Backyard to get started on your outdoor living space today. Our company brings Amish design and quality to you. We serve Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We provide quality construction and a plethora of options, so your outdoor living space shows your personality. Add to the charm of your backyard with one of Lancaster’s designs. With so many benefits and options available there’s no reason to delay.
Outdoor Living Space Designs

Knowing the lingo makes it easier to decide what you want. It also helps put your builder and you on the same page.
Arbor: An arbor features an arched frame. It may function as part of a gate. A series or arbors in a line may cover a pathway. Its framework supports climbing vines and plants and serves as a passageway.

Gazebo: A gazebo has a pitched, solid roof and open, but screened sides. Its octagonal shape differentiates it from the other freestanding outdoor structures. 

Patio Cover: A patio cover features an overhanging roof that covers a deck or patio. It may feature a pergola-style roof or a solid roof attached to the home.
Pergola: A pergola features an open roof on a freestanding four-sided structure. The sides remain open with posts or columns providing roof support.
Pool House: A pool house contains a storage area for pool supplies, a kitchen, and sometimes a game room and bedroom. 
Ramada: A ramada resembles a pergola, but has a solid roof that provides shade and protects from precipitation. Many homeowners construct these over an outdoor kitchen or firepit.
The Right Look

Choose a design crafted of wood or vinyl. You’ve no reason to stick to a traditional white gazebo, for instance. Express your personality or match your home precisely. Have your structure painted to match. Roofing shingles also provide a variety of choices. Traditional gray is available, but so are hunter green, Riviera red and national blue, for instance. Work with your builder to design the room of your dreams.



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