A Tale of Seats: Choose your Preferred Office Chairs at Danish


If there’s an underrated furniture in the world, those are the office chairs. It’s not likely that someone, even business owners, will take a meticulous look at a collection of chairs when shopping for office furniture. As it is obvious, Singapore is known to have a lot of furniture shops that offers a variety of selection.

As I was looking for a furniture shop for my office, I stumbled upon Danish Design Co. They have a selection of unique designer furniture that would really melt your heart with a desire to purchase all at once. So, since I don’t want you to do that, I am collating here all the office chair in their furniture gallery for Singapore. Hope this you decide which one goes perfectly in your workplace.

  1. Acme Chair. It’s a multi-purpose shell chair that has a bold and schematic design. This chair is carefully detailed to make sure that creativity comes with comfort. Plus, this really adds up to your office’s interior design.
  2. Beetle Swivel Chair. This collection is designed with laminated moulded veneer where the seat and the back is in two separate parts. You can choose to have it upholstered with fabric or with leather. Another good thing about this chair is that the parts are joined together with a steel fitting milled into the shells, which makes it more sturdy and stylish.
  3. Bench For Two. It’s a conceptual design that is a result of NannaDitzel’s experiment with potential materials. This two piece chair can be considered as a designer furniture because it’s one of a kind. Ditzel love to be inventive with her designs and choice of materials which makes her works stand out. She beats over 400 proposals for a gold medal in an international furniture competition in Japan.
  4. Forum Chair. This is another proud designer furniture that’s available in Singapore. It’s a masterpiece by a Danish architect Hans ThygeRaunkjær. It’s an elegant and stylish set yet totally comfortable with upholstered seats in fabric or leather. Raunkjær is proud of promoting craftsmanship and he respects basic materials, which makes his works a cut out among the rest.
  5. Hag Capisco Chair. If you want to advance on office furniture design in Singapore, you should go for Hag Capisco Chair. This is well-suited for work surfaces at different height – meaning it works perfectly with height adjustable desks. It’s ideal to use in the office if you are the type that moves around so much. Regardless if you are facing forward or you turn to the side, you can still it comfortably with this chair. Take note, this is also an environment-friendly design as it is made with materials that is good for the environment.
  6. Masculo Swivel Chair. Made of 12mm steel tubes, which can be powder coated or chrome plated, this chair collection comes in a diner and swivel base version. The swivel base can turn in 360 degrees motion and the back rest is moulded fireproof with polyurethane foam.
  7. Pato Office Chair. This chair is a fusion of Fredericia’s legacy of craftsmanship and today’s industrial standard. Developed for about three years, this Danish-Icelandic design sets a new standard for theexecution and finish of polypropylene material. It’s also produced with quality materials that’s considerable of the environment.

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