Spice up your interior design with an ethanol fireplace


Description: One thing, bioethanol fireplace, can greatly change the look of your interior. Use its luxurious and stylish design to the full potential.

The space that you are living in is extremely important. It defines the comfort of your living, and it influences your mood. With the modern lifestyle of go-getters, it is really hard to keep a balance. We believe that good interior at home, work or any spaces in which you spent a lot of time, can contribute to your well-being.

Most of the time, you do not need any drastic changes to renew your current interior. All you need is to declutter and add the cosy feel to space.  What can make any space homey? The fire of course. Thanks to the modern technologies you do not need to deal with old burners that can be dangerous. Today you can find a perfect ethanol fireplace for any indoor and outdoor space.

The benefit of ethanol fireplaces is that they combine luxuries design and innovative technology. They can enrich your interior and become a cool statement piece. There are a lot of types of such fireplaces, like table fireplace, freestanding ethanol fireplace and other. Also, you can change your old burner with ethanol fireplace inserthttps://www.store.planikausa.com/indoor-ethanol-fireplaces/.

Ethanol fireplaces produce no emissions, smoke or ash. They are easy to install and are easy to maintain as well. You can enjoy the beauty of real flames without worrying about safety or any inconveniences. For example, due to sophisticated BEV technology, you can put Planika fireplaces anywhere, and it will be safe. All of them have safety sensors and child lock that make them trustworthy. But safety is not the only reason why you should try such fireplaces. The real reason is their design and modern technology.

Bioethanol fireplaces and inserts have a stylish and eye-catching design. You can find a model that will be a perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor space. Besides, all of the Planika models are eco-friendly. With sophisticated BEV technology, they produce no emissions or odour. Also, the great thing is that arrangement possibilities in our company are unlimited. We can provide any custom size, so our products can fit the specific interior or existing opening. You don’t need to worry about making big changes because you can get any customisation you need. That can save you quite a lot of time and money.

If you are still thinking about the ways to spice up the interior – ethanol fireplace is a great choice. Create the luxurious and cosy atmosphere in any space you want and do not worry about safety or maintenance. That will help you to enjoy your rooms more, have better relaxation time and stay calm. Use fireplaces to their fullest potential and change your interior design just by purchasing one thing.



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