A Guide to Correct Carpet Selection


If your carpets have seen better days and you are thinking about replacing them, there are many options open to you. Fitted carpet can be put into two categories:

  1. Man Made– Nylon or polyester carpet is very hardwearing, making it ideal for high traffic areas, and while nylon isn’t the cheapest form of synthetic carpet, it is very durable and ideal for any environment.
  1. Natural Fibre– Wool carpet is luxurious and comes in many different styles and colours, and if you don’t have kids or pets, wool carpet is a great choice. Wool is stain and fire resistant, with different cuts and designs, while there are also carpets made from Seagrass, a natural product that is difficult to dye, which is not suitable for any wet areas.

Styles of Carpet

If you visit a quality carpets company in Telford, they would have a large showroom where you can view carpet in a real life environment, and by talking with the sales staff, you can get the very best advice.

  • Cut Pile Carpet– The yarn loops are cut to give an even finish, and with two different pile cuts, you can create an attractive feature that will complement the room.
  • Cut Pile Plush– This gives a velvety feel, with a long and even cut that is very soft underfoot.
  • Cut Pile Twist– The pile is dense and twisted, allowing for the pile to be in every direction, and this is ideal for high traffic areas.

If you would like the advice of a carpet expert, a Google search will help you to locate a nearby showroom, where you can browse at your leisure until you find the right combination.











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