A garden for all seasons making use of composite decking


Everyone loves having a garden; it’s high up on many people’s checklist when they are searching for a house, and it can be the catalyst for you to fall in love with your dream home. You picture yourself out on the lawn in summer, maybe firing up the barbecue or laying down a blanket to soak up the sun and read a good book. Paradise!

But how much have you really used your garden over the last year? Has the Great British Weather put a storm cloud over your vision of al fresco dining and sunny garden parties? There’s one addition you could make to your outside space to truly transform it into a year-round haven.

With decking in your garden, you might actually start to nip out and pick some rosemary to go with dinner, rather than wondering about it but being put off by the thought of getting shoes on and crossing a marshy lawn. With decking in your garden, you can let the kids do more arts and crafts, without worrying that they will get glue on the dining table or paint on the carpet. With decking in your garden, you can sit outside after work with a glass of Pinot Grigio and watch the sun going down in a blaze of pink and orange. Decking will help you reclaim your garden and give it the functionality (and more) that you’ve been dreaming of.

What is composite decking?

If you’re put off decking by the thought of getting splinters in your feet as you dash for those herbs, then perhaps you haven’t heard of composite decking. It uses reclaimed wood combined with polymer resin, producing a wonderfully easy to care for decking that will last and last. It looks just as stunning as traditional decking, but with none of the hassle.

Is it better than traditional wooden decking?

Yes! There’s no splinters, as mentioned, and it requires almost no maintenance. It is also much more durable than the wooden decking you might be used to, as it will not warp or rot in the rain. It’s slip resistant too, not that we want to suggest it’s always raining!

Is it better than plastic decking?

Yes! It looks much nicer, and more naturally suited to a garden, and it’s also less likely to crack or bow than plastic. Not to mention that it’s an eco-friendly option.

How can I incorporate composite decking into my garden?

Whatever size or style your outdoor space, it can benefit from the addition of composite decking. Think about what you want to get from your garden, who will be using it, and how it will be used.

If you have a very small outdoor area, maybe because you live in a town house or flat, you could use composite decking to transform it from edge to edge into a stylish patio style garden. It would be imminently practical for small gardens (why mow a lawn when there’s nowhere to keep a lawnmower?) and with it being more usable than grass, it might make your house feel bigger too. Add potted plants and trees (bay, orange, and olive all look beautiful in containers) to create areas of shade and interest, and set up a centrepiece as a visual focus for the garden: a bird bath, sundial, larger tree (perhaps a magnolia), pond or water fountain.

If you’re blessed with a large garden, it might also feel like a curse sometimes. All the grass to cut! All that wasted space when it’s too soggy to enjoy! Create the best of both worlds by retaining a section of lawn, and introducing a platform of composite decking adjacent to the house. Add an awning or a gazebo and you can enjoy this space every day of the year, whatever the weather.

Alternatively, your composite decking could create a pathway from the door all the way to the end of the garden, where it becomes the star of the show. There’s plenty of reasons you might choose to set up this area away from the house: you could put a kids’ play area there, and keep those noisy shrieks of delight a little further from earshot as you enjoy the peace. Or you could establish an area to unwind, a private and tranquil retreat tucked behind shrubbery, far from the house, with arbours and hammocks and wind chimes! How glorious.

Do you have a balcony or garage roof that seems like it has potential? Why not see what composite decking could do to make it a place to sit and chat, listen to the radio or fill out a crossword.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of adding a shed or outdoor workspace to your garden. Setting it on an area of composite decking will protect the base from the elements, and you could pop some patio furniture outside on the decking to tempt you into regular breaks. It improves productivity, you know!


The big dream with gardens is often al fresco dining, so create a dining area on a platform of composite decking. It would be the perfect way to enjoy pancakes and coffee for breakfast, or lighting some candles at dinner time and switching on the patio heaters for a romantic supper setting.

Business premises would also benefit from composite decking, as they could ensure a clean, tidy and attractive entryway at all times. It would certainly give the outside of the office a professional polish.

How do I get composite decking?

Check out TimberTech as a start point, to get an idea of the varieties on offer. Timber lovers may opt for Reliaboard, as it’s almost identical in appearance. edeck could be the choice for someone who wants ultimate durability. EasyClean Tropical adds a classy finish to any garden, with finished in teak, walnut and grey. There’s many more than these, so have a browse.

Once you’ve found a few that take your fancy, order some samples so you can see them ‘in the flesh’. It’s a good idea to look at them outdoors so you can appreciate the colour and finish in the light that they will be viewed in once installed. It’s even a good idea to take off your shoes and socks and stand on a piece to see which you prefer the feel of!

Samples are free, and TimberTech will help you plan your layout before they install it.

Composite decking is – and will provide you with – a breath of fresh air. It’s time to start enjoying your garden, whatever the weather!

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