8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Dust!



This article explains how to make fun spring cleaning is FINALLY. Every year in March, impossible to escape the traditional mantra of the store, sort, clean, throw . we are well aware that we cannot zap this spring episode. However, we think it’s time to say stop to spring cleaning as a chore. Forget the iron discipline imposed by this summer cleaning, we offered are some tips to make it a little sweeter this time boring. Go!


It involves everyone in this mission.

Companion, children, roommates no matter with whom you share your living space, invite them all to get their hands dirty! For children, for example, empower them by giving them a special cleaning kit for their room. A cloth to fight against dust, a large garbage bag to throw unnecessary things and a large container to put everything they do not want … you will then verify. You can also think of a small reward for everyone once the work is finished!

It turns up the volume to give himself courage.

Turn your spring cleaning dance floor and use your favorite songs as fuel to clean your parts in record time.

It turns sorting into a good action!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to rid you of all those unnecessary things that were piled up for ages. Clothes or trinkets have better things to do than sleep in our closets!

Manufacture your own cleaning products

Enjoy a fun break in the heart of your spring cleaning by making your own cleaning products. At home we often already has what it takes to succeed without having to run her household stores to expand its range housewife. White vinegar, baking soda, lemon may be sufficient to do wonders. The proof is in our article on the topic to read here

We take the air!

Who said that the spring cleaning should be satisfied from inside the house? Let her take the air with simple tricks. Wash the sofa cushions, bed comforter and carpets and hang it all in the open air to offer you a relaxing time in the garden. You can even circumventing the rules of spring cleaning, adapting it to the outdoors: put the order on your deck, clean your garden…

Take the opportunity to start a new decor.

The conventional wisdom would like this famous and – above all – boring spring cleaning is to simply store and deep clean. We pros decor, you are told that it is the perfect opportunity to review its decoration, to say that it is time to change the sofa cushions, wall deco entry or color kitchen. Spring is also a great time to relook its parts with color trend.

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