7 Tips for Installing your Own Carpet at Home


Carpets add warmth with style to your home. You can choose the one that suits your needs and taste from its huge variety i.e. Nylon, Wool, Olefin, Polyester, and others. Laying carpet is a great investment which no one would want to go wasted. So, it is important to follow some easy and helpful tips to ensure that you get done with it safely.

  • Use Special Tools

You may have some regular tools with you, but you can’t use them when you are going to install a carpet on your own. Instead, you must go and look for the specific tools for the carpets like a knee kicker, steam iron, and power stretcher.

Such tools might be really expensive which you won’t have to use again after installing your carpet. It is recommended to rent these tools instead of wasting excessive money on them.

  • Make the Floor Even

Before you start installing your carpet, make sure that the floor is fully prepared. You must mend the edges of the floor so that the structure of the floor doesn’t get visible on the carpet. Try to put in every effort to make the floor even.

  • Clean your Floor

After you make the floor even, it is also important to clean it up properly. There must not be any oil or grease on it. You can apply the primer on the floor to prevent the liquids from getting absorbed into the floor.

  • Check for the Carpet Damages

Before you start cutting your carpet to install it, make sure you have a closer view of it to check for the damages. If you are able to find any damages before, you can ask its manufacturer for the return or change. However, if you have already cut it down and find the damage later, it is less likely that the manufacturer will take it back or compensate for you.

  • Follow the Direction & Pattern

If your carpet has a pattern on it, you must be really careful while seaming it. You can’t put the pieces in wrong directions and combinations. To maintain the consistency, you’ll have to detect the direction first and then you can follow the pattern in the presence of strong light.

  • Have a Carpet Stretcher

You can’t remove the wrinkles of the carpet without a carpet stretcher. Even if you try to do this without a stretcher, you will end up with terrible results.

If you are not sure about your skills of using a carpet stretcher, you can also think about having cheap carpet installation service in Philadelphia. As stretching is 90% of the total installation job, a good installer would know how to do this in an appropriate way.

  • Place Heavy Furniture on the Carpet

After you are done with the carpet fitting, place any heavy furniture on it for a day or so. It will remove the remaining wrinkles and pressure marks before they become permanent.

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