7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Pest Control Provider


Cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rats or lizards: – Are these words running in your mind day and night making you lose your peace of mind? It doesn’t matter where you are living be it a posh place or a not so posh ones; bugs and pest can be found anywhere and they can appear any where any time to make your life pestful.  

It is very important to have regular pest control done so that the bugs do not make the living environment harmful as well as you can retain your sanity of mind.

A bed bug inspection or a full-fledged professional pest control on a regular basis is a very good option but before appointing a pest control provider, it is mandatory to ask significant questions to be sure that the company is going to give you satisfactory result.  

Do they have a license?

Remember, any authorized organization has state license and bond. If you doubt, check the Pest Control Board of your state and look at the licensed firm’s list.

What is the length of the contract?

You must know the plans offered by the company you are going to hire. Do they have long-term plans? What will be the billing as per different scheme? Do they provide automatic renewal? Can the customer cancel a contract before the closing of the program? Shall the homeowner pay the entire amount even if he/she cancel or withdraw the deal? Will there be any partial return of the money in case of agreement removal before the actual date?

What is the price of each service?

Cost is the most crucial factor. Cross check whether they offer a free demonstration or a free spraying in between the scheduled session with zero value.  What is their charge in case of an emergency? Will they give you guarantee for at least one year?

How long do you need to be out of the specific area that has undergone the operation?

Enquire whether any particular timing is suggested by the company for the pets and the children to be away from the area of application. Is there any drying time? Does the chemical odor fade? How long will it take to clean the field after the first use?

What is firm specialization?

If you find multiple pests in your home, you must take care of it. Let us view some examples, In Arizona, termites rule, while, in Georgia, the kings are spiders. You may live in an area where the bugs are happily spreading family in your furniture and beds. You should ask whether they are specialists in bed bug inspection, or they take control of the spiders and lizards too.

Does the provider use organic products?

It is always a good option if the firm use organic products as we all try to keep ourself and our family away from mean chemicals. Some good companies spray natural oils and plant extracted medicines for removing pests so those are also good options.

Choose your service plan as per your needs.

Make your requirement clear to the provider: – Are you looking for an annual appointment, or, regular treatments?

Approach a certified pest control provider who can efficiently give you the best bed bug inspection and remove other tiny critters crawling and hopping in your area. Get a pest-free happy life.

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