4 Ways You Should be Protecting Your Home and the Costs if You Don’t


Your home is designed to protect you from a lot. It provides shelter from changing weather like hot summers and stormy winters. It gives you protection from crime and shields you from illness, injury, and other dangers in the world. As great as your home is to you, if you’re not taking measures to return the favor, you run the risk of losing all the benefits of having a home. Below are four ways you can protect your home so that it can continue to provide shelter to you.

  1. Fires

Millions of homes and lives are tragically lost to fires each year. Although some fires are caused for reasons beyond your control, there are measures that can be taken to minimize the risk of a fire in your home. Some steps you could take would include:

  • Install smoke alarms for early detection
  • Remove all flammable items away from heat
  • Keep all candles, matches, and lighters away from children
  • Be mindful of smoking in the home
  • Ensure all pots are turned off after cooking
  • Upgrade and maintain electrical system
  • Consider extinguishers for putting out small fires in the home
  1. Intruders

Burglaries and home invasions are another dangerous act that happens often. Every year, millions of homes are broken into, vandalized, and burglarized leaving families to put the pieces back together. To keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe, it is imperative to take these home security measures:

  • Upgrade doors and windows that have old locks or are easy to break into
  • Cut landscaping that could act as a hiding place for thieves like shrubs and trees near the home
  • Install security lighting around the home with motion sensors to deter thieves
  • Assess and review the cost of ADT and other home security systems to determine which is most affordable to have installed
  1. Water Damage

As valuable as water is to the environment and everything in it, it can be a pain in the neck when it starts to damage the home. Water damage can occur in a plethora of ways. From a damaged gutter system to poor roofing and siding or bad plumbing. Keeping moisture and dampness away from the home is imperative to the integrity of the building materials as well as your health. Here are some measures you can take to prevent water damage in your home:

  • Have the gutters cleaned and inspected annually to keep rainwaters running properly into the sewage system
  • Have the sub pump in the basement checked periodically to ensure there isn’t a change for flooding
  • Get plumbing repairs completed quickly to prevent moisture and mold from developing
  • Seal up holes and other access areas to the home that could be letting water in
  1. Pests

Though ants, mice, and roaches may seem like nothing more than tiny, annoying pests that you must get out of your home, there are a lot more dangers than meets the eye. Pests like termites, for instance, can wreak havoc on your home. Eating through the wood at rapid rates, an infestation of termites could do serious structural damage to the property. Other pests like mice carry diseases which puts your health at risk. To reduce the risk of pests entering your home, here are some steps to take:

  • Keep the house thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that trash is taken out regularly
  • Seal up holes and entryways into the home that insects and pests can get into
  • Hire pest control services to get rid of infestations
  • Use natural deterrents like lemon, cinnamon, and other things you have in your cabinet.

Yes, there’s a lot that must be done to protect your home. Procrastination or neglect will only hurt your pockets further. A house that has been burned in a fire, burglarized, damaged by water, or overrun with pests can cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair – some of which, would be irreplaceable like stolen goods and burned memories. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to assess the risks in your home and eliminate them one by one. By taking these steps to protect your home, your home will return the favor and continue to provide protection for you.

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