7 Proper Plumbing Maintenance Steps


There is no denying the fact that plumbing is an integral aspect of every building. And if

just one aspect of your home’s plumbing system fails, it will have broad-reaching ramifications.

Maintaining the plumbing system in our homes can be a tedious and expensive process. That

is why we created this piece to shed a bit of light on how you can better maintain and utilize your plumbing systems.

Plumbing Education

Unless you are a seasoned plumbing expert, you most likely do not know enough to make

calculated and informed decisions concerning your buildings plumbing network.

That is why we believe that the first step you should take on your journey towards proper maintenance for your home’s plumbing system is to educate yourself.

There are many free materials about plumbing on the internet. All you need to do is

search and learn more about plumbing.

Get Professional Help

After gaining a bit of information about plumbing’s intricacies, your next course of action should be bringing on board a reliable and knowledgeable plumbing professional or service that you trust.

For those of us in Newcastle, NSW, please reach out to a professional plumber Newcastle for all your plumbing needs. Get help today, so you do not spend a fortune tomorrow.

Examine Faucets

Now that you have hopefully reached out to a plumbing professional, we believe that right

now is the best time to inspect every faucet within your home for possible leaks that may cause issues down the road.

Please do not leave anything to chance. Inspect everything, especially plumbing features

within your toilets.

Do not stop with indoor faucets. Pay enough attention to outdoor faucets because the last thing you want is a leakage that wastes resources or damages properties.

Do Not Clog up Your Toilets or Drains

The vast majority of us have dealt with a clogged toilet or drain at least once in the past. But  most people are not aware of the fact that with a few habit changes, you can significantly reduce the risk of your bathroom getting clogged.

Ensure that your sink drains freely by reducing the use of bath oils that can clog drains. Also consider installing screens over your drains to prevent hair and other items going down your drain.

And, or course, avoid flushing too much toilet paper or other objects down the toilet.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

One of the best things you can do when maintaining your home is to undergo periodic maintenance checks and deep cleaning.

Ideally, it would help if you had such activities bi-annually or annually. During this period you might want to inspect and make sure that everything is working fine.

Fix what needs fixing and deep clean everything else. If you have a septic tank, sewer system or the likes, get them inspected and maintained periodically.

Inspect Water Consuming Appliances

We believe that the constant inspection and maintenance of water-using appliances are integral in your plumbing experience.

The vast majority of us own washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and the likes

in our homes, and we need to check for bulging, worn-out or cracked hoses that can leak water.

Additionally, it will be in your best interests to flush out sediments from your water heater while also testing your water heaters pressure periodically; it helps a lot.

Fix Damages Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes that most of us make is letting minor issues spiral into full-blown plumbing emergencies.

As soon as something stops working or begins to show signs of faults, reach out to a professional to minimize the damage it could cause.

Although we do not know when a plumbing emergency might occur, we can fix potential issues before they become a problem and reduce the chances of a major disaster.

That is why we advise everyone to have a reliable plumber service on speed dial.

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