7 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape


We have all heard of the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. This saying applies to various aspects of our lives, including regular home maintenance methods to prevent costly repair works later on.

Below, we discuss some common home maintenance tips that you can apply each season.

Clean Your Carpets

Carpets are one of the most convenient flooring options to have. They are soft, keep the floor warm, and will not hurt your existing floor underneath.

It is good to vacuum the carpet routinely, but dust and small particles can settle at the bottom of the fibres and can go undetected to our eyes.

If you have carpeted floors, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company once or twice a year to remove stains, dirt, dust mites and other allergens from your carpets.

Not only will your carpets be cleaner; but you will also ensure that your family members are protected from these allergens.

Clean Your Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans in our bathroom and kitchen work well to filter out the moisture and smells from our home.

However, by doing so, they also collect dirt and moisture, a combination of which can lead to the growth of mould in your home.

These can become another health hazard for everyone in your home while also lowering your exhaust fans’ energy efficacy. Clean your exhaust fans about once a year to keep them running smoothly.

Reapply Grout or Caulk

Most of us have grout or caulk between our tiles in the bathroom. Over time, you might notice them crumbling, peeling off, or have other signs of wear and tear.

Grout, in particular, can appear mouldy if you do not scrub it clean routinely. A deep cleaning session once a year should help prevent this.

If you have caulk around your bathtub or other places in your bathroom, you should reapply it about once every five years. There are some simple caulking guides online so that you can do this by yourself.

Clean & Service Your Appliances  

When was the last time you gave your washing machine a tub clean, or serviced your dishwasher to replace some small parts which are no longer functioning efficiently?

Service your household appliances such as your oven, dishwasher, and dryer yearly so that you can get any needed replacement parts quickly.

Paying for these components would easily be lower than the costs needed to get a new one altogether.

If your appliances are still under a warranty period, you can usually get these replacement parts for free.

Vacuum the Refrigerator Coils

Your refrigerator takes up about 15% of your household electric usage. Over time, your refrigerator coils will gather dust and dirt on them.

You will need to vacuum these coils located at the back or the bottom of your refrigerator to remove the dust gathered there about twice a year.

By doing so, you are allowing the coils to push out heat more efficiently in its cooling process so that you can save you quite a sum in electric bills later on.

Clear the Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year or as the seasons change. Your gutters will clog with debris and much over time and will not do their job correctly.

As you clean your gutters, you will also be able to spot and repair leaks on your gutters.

While you can clean the gutters yourself with some guides you can find online, you may also want to consider hiring a local gutter cleaner to do it right for you.

Inspect & Maintain the Roof

Your roof keeps rainwater from leaking into your home, which helps prevent water damage as long as you maintain it.

It also keeps your heating and cooling systems working efficiently. You will want to hire a roofer to inspect your roof for any leaks or broken tiles twice a year.

In any case, having your roof inspected and repaired in parts will save you a lot of money compared to when you need to replace your entire roof.

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