6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Impressive


The bathroom is the one room in the house that we rarely think to go above and beyond with when decorating or home remodeling. Yet, it is often the most used room. Whether you are looking to impress your guests or trying to boost the appeal of your home for selling, there are six simple ways to make your bathroom look more impressive.


  1. Add Faux Granite. For most individuals the expense of updating bathroom countertops to granite to give them a polished and professional look is out of their budget. The faux granite option is a great choice for a temporary solution. Companies such as Rustoleum have come up with contact paper stylesheets which can be easily applied over an existing countertop. With the right technique these can quickly look like real granite and help improve the overall appeal of your bathroom.
  2. Install a Rainfall Showerhead. One sign of luxury this day and age is a rainfall showerhead. The showerhead is positioned in the center of the shower in offers a medium level rain to wash with. In most contemporary bathrooms this is the secondary showerhead it to the first which is your everyday handheld option. The addition of a rainfall showerhead can add to the luxury appeal of this room.
  3. Change Shower Doors. If your bathroom has traditional glass doors, then they may be due for an upgrade. Beautiful frameless shower door examples create a posh modern style that is significantly more appealing than the age old doors which are surrounded by metal or plastic. Just like we see with frameless glasses, glass that looks un-constricted is superior to the original concept.
  4. New Tile. A more invasive by still affordable option for upgrading the look of your bathroom is to change the tile within the shower and on the floor. Modern bathrooms are focusing on dark, rustic looking tile instead of the age old white or off-white version. You can easily find affordable tile options at outlets or clearance prices at large tile retailers.
  5. Update Cabinets. Bathroom cabinets and mirror can do a lot to change the look and feel of your bathroom. You can easily update these by choosing to paint them and change out the knobs or change out the style of the mirror completely. For your cabinets, consider doing an antique or distressed look if your bathroom offers a rustic appeal. As for the mirror, fameless and large are what is in style.
  6. Add/Change Design. As trends in home interior continue to change so does the design of your bathroom. An easy way to improve the overall appeal is to find out what stylings are currently trending. Even though you might enjoy having a bathroom decorated with starfish or roosters, this is not necessarily going to be the style that appeals to a potential home buyer. Additionally, taking time every few years to update your bathroom based on your own interests can go a long way in giving it a new feel without having to spend any money.

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