5 ways to spread technology across your construction project


It is impossible to conceive a construction project without technology. However, technology should not be limited to digital models or the heavy machinery you will be using to build your future structure. Rather than that, technology should be conceived as an active ingredient of every single process and step you take while implementing your project. From mobile construction apps to vertical drainage in soil, the following are five of the most effective and innovative ways you can use technology in a construction project today.

  1. Mobile construction apps and cloud-based for project management

The mobile app has come to define everything around us and the construction field is not an exception to that. In fact, mobile construction apps have come to provide highly effective solutions when it comes to share information, automate processes and implement reports. You can further improve your mobile technology by combining it with cloud-based software that allows you to handle things like project management and accounting tasks.

  1. Drone photography for accurate measurements

Just like apps, drones have become one of the hottest technological subjects nowadays. In fact, their use has proved to be quite effective in many fields. As far as construction goes, drones have significantly improved the accuracy of measurements for new structures thanks to the way they create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images. According to several experts, drone photography will be huge during the next five years.

  1. Robotics for repetitive tasks

While robotics have spread like oil throughout several industries, most construction companies still get things done with human beings. However, some recent breakthroughs have created new possibilities for robotics in the construction field. For instance, a new bricklaying robot created by Construction Robotics is capable of improving the work of a regular mason up to five times.

  1. Modular buildings for the long run

Traditionally speaking, modular and prefabricated construction has been mostly used for temporary structures. However, in recent years these kinds of structures have become very popular especially because of its eco-friendly features, overall safety, and financial convenience. That said, the construction industry is heavily investing in technology aimed at producing modular structures capable of providing all the advantages we just mentioned above.

  1. Vertical drainage for a solid foundation

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation,” used to say the American religious leader Gordon B. Hinckley. While he was probably referring to religious matters, Hinckley’s sentence is a golden rule in the construction world. In fact, when it comes to stabilizing the terrain you are using to build your next project, you need to get rid of any excess of water, which could significantly hurt the long-term performance of your structure. One of the best ways of doing that consists of using a vertical drainage system, a solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also technically superior to traditional granular drains.

With that being said, it is easy to see the potential impact that smart technology can have in your overall business. If you really want to be more competitive, you should spread technology across your whole construction project.

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