5 Tips for Better Home Security


Home security is one of the most important things you can have. Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home, and everyone wants to keep their family – and themselves – safe. Home security is a must when going away as well as it is the only thing keeping your home safe while you aren’t around to do it yourself. Here are 5 tips for better home security from property experts Norwhich Properties.

Install High Quality Locks

One of the first steps you can take to improving home security is to install high quality locks that prevent burglars from getting into your house. You need to have a strong lock on any exterior doors to prevent criminals from being able to easily force their way into your house. Statistics show that when burglars aren’t able to just get into a door or window quickly they’ll give up and find easier prey. Securing your door with a tough lock is the single most important home security precaution you can take.

Secure the Windows

After the door comes the windows. An unlocked – or worse, open – window is just an invitation for someone to get into your home. You must secure your windows with a system that a burglar will not be able to open from the outside. If your windows don’t lock, then find a way to secure them from the inside so that someone outside won’t be able to just slide it open and get in. After securing your doors and windows, you’ll have taken care of around half of the potential security threats in your home!

Use Lights and Sound Effects

The idea is to create the illusion that people are home when they aren’t, and the best way to do that is to use lights and noise. Of course, leaving your lights on all day and night makes it obvious no one is home. It’s important to use your lights effectively to create an impression someone is home and so the house isn’t as easy a target as it looks. There are several ways to do this. Some people buy timers for their lights, and you can buy timers for TVs and radios to create sound and complete the impression people are home.

Keep your Garage Locked

Another common point of entry into your house is through the garage. It’s all too easy to forget to keep the garage door to your home locked. It’s also all too easy for a burglar to enter a home from an unlocked garage door. If you leave the house then you need to remember to look your garage door, and the door to your home inside the garage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fake It

If you can’t afford an actual state of the art home security system then you could still see some good results from fake lawn signs and cameras. A security system is a great deterrent and even a fake one can work to keep burglars at bay. They don’t cost much, but are still effective. It gives off the impression your home is tightly protected even if it isn’t.

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