5 Things to Consider Before Buying Sauna


Infrared Saunas are all the buzz lately. Are they really worth the hype though? You might have heard mixed reviews about saunas from people who do and do not have them. If you’ve wanted one for a while, you must be confused.

People give mixed reviews about infrared saunas because many of them do not take all the necessary precautions when going to purchase them. This is why we have compiled a list of things you must keep in mind to make your purchase totally worth it.

Test it Out

After you have decided on one or two infrared saunas that you would like to purchase, the next step is naturally testing them out. Step into the zone and see if the heating temperatures and quality are up to your standards. Also, check and make sure there are no design flaws in the sauna. Try to not buy from dealers that don’t offer a testing option. You can also check out Sauna Reviewer to see if the sauna you bought was suitable for other people or not. Buying blindly is a huge risk that does not pay off very often.

Consider Your Budget

Never cross your budget for getting luxury items like saunas. Also, do not settle for cheaply-made saunas that could prove to be a bigger health risk than an improvement method. Find a sauna that fits your budget easily, or if all the good ones are above what you have to offer, we suggest we save up a couple more months and wait for the sauna. You can even find a good dealer who can offer you a discounted price.

Where will you place it?

You must have ample space in your house to assemble and install a sauna. Buy a fairly large sauna (that can contain 3-6 people) since they are much more useful than small ones. Of course, if you live alone in a tiny apartment you should get one that is fit for one or two people only. Make sure you have enough room in your house to contain an entire sauna. After deciding on which one you want, you can even go and measure the area where you wish to place the sauna and compare it with the sauna’s dimensions.


Make sure you know what qualifies as a good sauna and what qualifies as an average or bad sauna. Check online to see what kind of wood is the best within your budget; go for durability and aesthetics. Also, check the heating panels. Decide if you like ceramic heating more or carbon heating. Then pick out the sauna of your choice.

Size Matters!

If you have a few friends, even one or two, chances are that you will be sharing your newly-installed sauna with them. In these situations, installing a one –person sauna can prove to be quite a selfish choice. If you try to scooch your friends in the tiny sauna, it could be quite uncomfortable. So think wisely and a get a sauna that is big enough to share.

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