5 Benefits of Air Ducting Cleaning for Your Business


Many small business owners tend to struggle to keep their doors open, so they may be tempted to take shortcuts when it comes to property maintenance. However, by ignoring tasks such as cleaning out their building’s air ducts, they may be losing more money than they are saving. Here are five benefits of having the air ducts in your company’s building cleaned regularly.


Reduces Energy Costs

When air ducts are clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, the HVAC system is forced to work harder to keep the temperature in the building consistent. Clogged air ducts keep the air from flowing through the vents, which prevents the rooms from being heated and cooled as they should. Since your HVAC system is forced to work harder, your energy costs will increase and the system will wear out faster, requiring more frequent repairs.

Employees are Healthier

The dust and dirt in clogged air ducts contains allergens, which when blown through the vents can trigger coughing, sneezing, and even worse symptoms for people with allergies. The air for some employees may not be healthy to breath and can cause them to become ill. This can result in increased absenteeism and reduced productivity, which can cost your business money, as your customers will not be receiving the high quality service that they have come to expect.

Keeps Surfaces Cleaner

By scheduling commercial duct cleaning in Melbourne, you will notice that the surfaces in your office and throughout the building will stay cleaner for longer. This can greatly reduce the amount of dust and dirt being blown through the air vents, which prevents it from accumulating on desk surfaces, carpets, and window treatments. This could allow you to reduce the number of necessary visits from the cleaning service, as your building will maintain a clean disposition for a longer period of time.

Reduce Pests

If the air ducts are neglected for too long, bugs and rodents may begin to make their nests within the pipes. This can cause unwelcome bacteria to be released through the ducts, as the pests urinate, defecate, and spread diseases and viruses, such as Hantavirus, throughout your building. However, when the ducts are cleaned and these nests are removed, it will reduce the number of pests roaming throughout your building when the lights go out at night.

Prevent Cold or Hot Spots

With clogged air ducts, the flow of cold or hot air is interrupted and there may be areas in your building that are too cold or too warm as a result. This can cause your employees and customers to become uncomfortable when working or shopping at your business. Cleaning the ducts will allow air to flow freely, which helps to keep the temperature in the building consistent. It’s important to make people feel comfortable when they are at your place of business, as employees will work harder and it will encourage customers to shop for a longer period of time.

The HVAC system in your building should be inspected for cleanliness at least once per year, with the air ducts being checked every two years. However, you should also have the vents cleaned when the heating system is inspected, particularly before it’s turned on when the temperatures begin to drop in the fall. Although air duct cleaning can be expensive, the savings and health benefits far outweigh the costs.


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