4 Green Roofing Options to Put Those Asphalt Shingles to Shame


The roof of asphalt shingles can be seen anywhere in the cities and also in towns but very few are fond of green roofing. Green roofing looks very natural and refreshing in spring and summer season. Green roofing which is being made of wood and recycled material such as plastic and metal is environment-friendly. The minimum amount of cost and some effort can bring a new roof which lasts for a longer time in houses. Let’s see different options of green roofing that would put asphalt shingles to shame.

Recycled Shingles:

Post-consumer waste includes shingle which consists of transmitted waste from landfill. The production of these shingles is made through avoiding raw materials which do not spoil the quality. Recycled shingles can be used for more than fifty years. Even you can recycle a fifty years used shingle. This greenest roofing material is one of the best options of roofing.

Rubber Roofing:

Many people think that rubber is not a natural product so how it could come on green roofing? The construction of rubber for roofing house is recycled from the steel-belted tires of vehicles with a longer warranty. The ability to resist hail damage and a variety of colors makes rubber one of the appreciable materials of green roofing. Rubber roofing is also coated with ground slate which makes it looks better for roofing. The type of roofing is prohibited in some communities to it is better to check whether your area permits it or not.

Metal Roofing:

The recycling ability for fifty years shows that metal roofing is also fallen in the category of green roofing. The fire-resistant and heat reflection properties of metal roofing make it durable in the summer season. It also indicates that your cost of cooling the house would also reduce by using metal roofing. The benefits of metal roofing are not limited to the summer season, it is also best for the winter season as ice would slide easily down the roof without any blockage.  There is no chemical added to make the type of roof and therefore, it is highly recommended to collect the water coming down from the metal roof if there is a shortage of water in your region. The water can be used for washing and gardening purposes.

Slate and Clay Roofs:

If you want to use a natural material which also should be durable for a longer period then you should go for slate and clay roofs. It is very important to check whether the foundations and wall of your house can bear the heavy material of clay and slate or not. The inspection would help you make the better decision whether you should choose this material or not. Despite the factor that these roofs’ material cannot be recycled, still, they can be used in many other ways. This kind of roof is more suitable for summer season because of the reflective properties of keeping the home cool. There is more danger of damage in cold climates. Slate and clay roof gives a very beautiful look to the house making it more natural.

All of the above-mentioned roofing systems are green roofing which would prove cost-free for you or you only have to spend a few amount of money for constructing the roof. You yourself can build the roof and there is no need of workers for completion of a task. Once after building green roofing, you would be sure that it would be more durable than the traditional asphalt shingle that you have always used. Use the appropriate material for your house for making it greener and environmentally friendly. If you still can’t decide either you should repair your roof shingles or get new one’s then in that case you really need to contact professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan for a professional advice.

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