10 Ways to Revamp Your Home


Are you ready for a home makeover? Are you looking to give your investment property a facelift so you can demand a higher rental yield or sell it for a larger profits? Many people would love to freshen up their properties for a number of reasons yet they don’t have the skills or money to go through an extensive renovation exercise. The good news is small improvements can have a significant impact on the overall look and value of your property. Here are nine easy, inexpensive ways to help you revamp your property without breaking the bank.

1. Modern window curtains & blinds

Instead of the old window coverings like lace curtains or vertical blinds, try a more modern option like roman blinds. Neutral colours are usually best since they wont go out of fashion fast and tend to suit most décor in your property. To keep your curtains and blinds looking fresh for the long term, regular cleaning is ideal.

2. Fresh Paint

Painting is the easiest way to give your home a fresh new look. If you are handy with a brush you could consider doing it yourself since professional painting services can be expensive. Again, neutral colours are recommended because they will suit most furniture colour and style. Along with the walls, you can also paint the ceilings, door-frames, and architraves. These items are trickier to paint than walls so consider hiring an expert for this part of your painting project. Most experts will advise using a gloss or satin white for these items. When it comes to painting your laundry and bathroom, use a mould-resistant paint. Finally, those who have small children should use wash & wear paints which are washable, as well as scratch, scrub, and stain resistant.

3. New light fittings & light switch covers

Changing your light fittings and switch covers can be a relatively inexpensive way to give your property a stylish lift. You may choose to select more expensive designer options to feature in the living spaces and less expensive, simpler fittings for the bedrooms and other private spaces. Replacing the light switch covers is a cheap way to smarten up your home. Instead of the plain old white covers, you could choose stainless steel or silver designs if they suit your property style.

4. Add a skylight

Many older properties can feel dark and dingy. Skylights are a great way to add natural light to any home. Besides making the atmosphere in your home more pleasant, skylights also have a practical side – they help reduce lighting & energy costs by making use of passive solar.

5. New handles on the cupboards, drawers and doors

Small details like replacing old handles can have a huge impact on your home. It’s another inexpensive but efficient intervention renovators should consider. Since handles are tactile, your eyes are also drawn to them as they are used so they will have a big impact on the perception of your property. Ensure your new handles have a similar shape and length to the old ones so they can cover and holes that may be left from the old fittings.

6. Clean the carpets

Giving carpets a professional clean can give them a lift. If they only have a few small stains, professional cleaning with steam should freshen them up in most instances. If your carpets are very old, faded, and worn out, it’s time to replace them. It’s best to use a quality underlay when installing new carpet since the cheap underlay will crush easily and make your carpet look poor quality.

7. Rework the façade

If the façade of your property is looking dated, it’s time to give it a facelift. If you’d like a modern look and your neighbourhood will allow it, consider a metal cladding finish. Cladding can also improve the insulation for your home meaning it will stay cooler on warm days and retain the heat on cool days.

8. Make your garden stylish

One way to make your property look more stylish is to spend some time on the garden. Your garden can look better without spending thousands of dollars by using bark mulch. This type of mulch also prevents the growth of weeds and reduces the need for watering. If your garden is tiny, you’ll only need a small number of plants. Those who don’t want to spend their time racking leaves should opt for evergreen plants.

9. Update the bathroom

If you have a limited budget, instead of replacing the bathtub and tiles, consider resurfacing them. While repainting your walls might be achievable by your average home renovator, it’s probably worth getting the professionals in to resurface your bathroom tiles and bathtub. In addition to resurfacing, you can also use frameless glass in place of your old-fashion shower frame. It not only looks better but it’s also easier to keep clean.

10. Update the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can also be painted providing they’re in good shape although it’s often best to have new doors fitted to cabinets to give them a modern look. Splashbacks and laminate benchtops can also easily be replaced by experts. It’s said that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell properties so this is where you should be looking to invest your budget.

When renovating your home to live in, you’ll style it to suit your own taste. It’s also wise to consider the appeal and resale value of your property if you choose to sell in a few years time.

If your home is a large house at the high-end price range, you’ll probably need to choose more expensive materials because that’s what your potential buyers will expect. If you’re unsure about what’s best for your home, take a sneaky look through properties for sale in your area that are comparable with your own. This way you’ll glean ideas from them and get some creative ideas on what might work best for your property.

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