10 Trendy Bedroom Décor Ideas to Try Now


Your bedroom is where you’ll spend the most time out of your day—whether you’re sleeping, relaxing, catching up on work, or playing with your kids—and so it should be a place where your personality can shine through. Ditch your boring old bedroom and revamp it with these ten trendy tips!

  1. Mixing Patterns

The verdict is in! Matchy-matchy is out, and mixing patterns is in. Think of it like how your grandmother wouldn’t leave the house without her purse matching her shoes perfectly: matching is outdated, expected, and boring. Try picking one color scheme and working in different subtle patterns (such as floral, plaid, or stripes) on unique bedspreads, lamps, sofas, and desks to add layers and dimension to your room.

  1. Get Geometric

Color blocking is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to make a statement in your room. It involves painting a geometric shape or pattern on a wall in a bright color to make your room really pop. The best part is, you can easily change it as much as you want; no need to repaint your entire room or buy new bedroom sets if you get bored! There are so many ways to do this, so embrace the trend!

  1. Accent Walls

So maybe you’re trendy, but neon geometric shapes aren’t your thing. Try using an accent wall instead to make your bedroom stand out. Use a soft pastel shade to make your room feel warm and cozy, or a fun wallpaper pattern to inject a bit of your personality into the room!

  1. Accent Ceilings

Who says you have to restrict yourself to the walls? Let your creativity spread to the ceiling, and make your bedroom truly one-of-a-kind with an accent ceiling. Try a stencil, wallpaper pattern, or wood panels to give your room a point of interest that isn’t overwhelming.

  1. The Wood Effect

Inserting a distressed wood panel onto your bedroom walls can have the most stunning rustic effect. If you’re ambitious, cover an entire wall in wood panels; an easier and less expensive option is to do a small area of the wall, such as a cutout above the headboard or symmetrical cutouts behind each of the bedside lamps.

  1. DIY Furniture

There’s nothing trendier right now than DIY; pick out your bedroom furniture piece by piece at garage sales, curbs, and thrift shops to fit your needs. Find easy online tutorials to repurpose them (inexpensively) into pieces you love; you’ll feel satisfaction and pride every time you see them. Best of all, Instagram bragging rights!

  1. Get Bare

You’ve seen exposed ceilings, exposed brick, and exposed wood floors; there’s something so rustic and rich about seeing the structure of the house. The newest addition to this trend is exposed ceiling beams. They add dimension and contrast to a room, and show you’re as fearless as you are serious about design.

  1. Ditch the Doors

Who hasn’t had to quickly clean their bedroom, and ended up stuffing everything into their closet? Eliminate this hoarding-nest and get yourself an open closet. I know it sounds scary, but it will force you to be more organized and you’ll get a sweet sense of satisfaction seeing your beautiful clothes hung up and folded properly. Ditching your closet doors will make your bedroom not only seem bigger, but also worthy of an Ikea ad.

  1. Upholstery

Forgo the boring old wooden headboard and embrace the trend of upholstered headboards.

You can DIY easily by purchasing a super-luxurious fabric and wrapping your current

headboard in it, or you can pick out one with the perfect design to go with your room’s

theme. Lean back and revel in the hotel-like vibe!

  1. Mirror Mirror

A classic trick that restaurants and bars use is adding mirrors to make the rooms look bigger. If you’re tight on space, try adding one or two full-length framed mirrors in your bedroom and suddenly it will seem to double in size.

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