10 Great Ideas for Kids’ Room Decoration… With Images

Parents earn to make kids comfortable; Science says men and women become responsible as the come to know they are going to be parents. As a woman I love to decorate room for kids I have decorated many rooms for others kids and waiting for mine. Here Some Ideas are shared to decorate the kid’s rooms.

  1. Soothing color make kids comfortable it will bring calm in kids life.1
  2. Place a beautiful photo of your child , enlarge the photo and then frame it to place on wall.  2
  3. Chalk board paint one even one wall can bring fun to kids life; It also helps in learning while playing.           3
  4. Decorate a dresser with color full ribbons.                                   4
  5. Baby girls love Barbie dolls; you can place a large Barbie’s scenery at one wall.                     5
  6. If your kid loves Sea life, put some sea animals Drawings at one corner of room.             6
  7. A tree book shelf can be awesome idea for kid’s room.       7
  8. Check out this simple yet awesome decoration for parents who cannot afford expensive decoration.           9
  9. Check this image, Great decoration in small space.         8
  10. Car bed is an awesome idea for boys’ room. They love adventure so let them enjoy in their room.     10

Hope these Ideas Help To decor your kids room and make their life beautiful and give them great childhood memories.

Home Improvement – Some Ideas for You

You can do any kind of home improvement project by applying correct information. A home owner loves to remodel the house but many don’t do this as they cannot invest in hiring Interior designer but you are lucky to land on this page as I am going to discuss some ideas which will help and induce remodeling sense in you. Here I also add some tips which help you to save money.

  • Energy efficient appliances can be of great help to you, it will cut the utility cost and you can enjoy spending that saved money to your hobbies.


  • To keep your home smelling fragrance and boost it air fresh, make fragrance bags at your home. Buy new or use old organza bags and add some potpourri made by you, to enhance the smell add some perfume enhancing oil at it and place it in your room. You can place it at every place where you want to maintain fragrance.( Potpourri is a bag full of dried natural fragrant plants this definition is from Wikipedia)


  • Don’t throw old garden tools , Give them new life , for example you can use old Rake as Glass hanger It will add a new dramatic look to your kitchen.


  • Old shows can also be used in your garden and show your artistic sense to others just add some soil and plant some small plant to them and put that on some wood oart.


  • Old retired tires of your vehicle can be the bench for your guests in garden


  • Old Piano can be used to make a classic book shelf.
  • Never install a large tV screen to small room.
  • Keep Visiting My blog to get Details about Home improvement.


Four Tips of choosing color

You are free to paint over your home any time, but choosing the right color is not as boiling an egg. It is more difficult job to do in home décor. Sometimes what we visualize doesn’t come in existence. Choosing wall color is an art as it is not feasible all the time that you change all home accessories with color.

Here are Four Tips of choosing color


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Don’t overlook your floor color!

Don’t even try to make this common mistake. In choosing color from magazine or Internet our focus remains on walls and we ignore the floor. But the wall color must match the floor. Most of us mistaken that floor color is same for all but even wood floor can be of many colors as, honey color, limed, cherry and many more. If you are planning to cover the floor with carpet you are free to do this, but wood floor doesn’t have carpet option as it looks nice without any carpeting.

Be Artistic

Don’t let the entire thing to interior designer; try to explore your artistic approach. Choosing color from book and matching it to original color bucket is really an art. One plain main color on wall and different contrast swatch on it will be great. This is just as rugs on textile.

Don’t Ignore your Upholstery

If you want to throw out your sofa, bed or any other furniture, feel free to choose the wall color. But if you are not in mood of doing this better to keep in view the furniture color to choose wall color. Don’t add wrong color to wall, It will cause your bank balance low down as you will need all new upholstery .

Overcome the Architectural Mistakes by Colors

If you have low ceiling, and small room go with light colors. Even white and light lemon can go great with small room. You can also go with earth tones and softer shades for your small rooms. A room with great light is also a challenge to choose color for. Don’t go with light color go with opposite and choose dark colors.




How to cover tiles?

When renovating your house, do not change tile, can be a good way to kick of freshness to a room without spending too much. It can also be a good solution “pending” to larger renovations. (! “Waiting” is in quotation marks, you never know sometimes temporary situation lasts longer than expected) today we look at a question: how to cover the tile?

We will start by making the distinction between wall tiles and tiled floors. This is necessary since, floor tiles is much more demand than that posed on the walls. Therefore, it will not be there to pay the same attention.

We will start by making the distinction between wall tiles and tiled floors. This is necessary since, floor tiles is much more demand than that posed on the walls. Therefore, it will not be there to pay the same attention. Click here to find out more detail: http://zigbee-automation-home.com

Wall tiles, it has almost all our homes. It is found in the kitchen as a credenza, sometimes even on the worktop. One can also find it in the bathroom, in credenza in underbody or on pieces of whole walls. Most often, it is decorative (decorating tastes of former occupants! Haha!) And serves to protect water and fat projections. Inevitably, taking into account this dynamic, you will understand that it takes strong and robust solutions to cover your wall tiles.

Painting Tile – It is easy to set up but it must proceed in stages and use the good stuff, if you want a nice result. What good is that you are spoiled for choice as to colors.

The resin – There is a little less choice of colors, but it is thicker than paint and will hide the demarcation of tile joints.

An underlayer dedicated to tiles – It allows the paint to hang. It also neutralizes and opaque tiles, allowing a brighter color rendering.

The polished concrete – It can cover all of your tiles, you will not see the seals. The application is done in several passes. A first pass to fill the joints and rough tiled floors, a second and third layer for rendering smoother. He will think to apply protection if the concrete is often in contact with water!

Adhesive credenza – We’re in another area, which can be a much faster solution to implement. The adhesive credenza can be used when you have a project to modernize your kitchen. You can have an aluminum finish that you will not have with the concrete or painting.


Cover tiled floors

Often when we want to cover tiled floors, are larger areas than the wall tile. We must also take into account the passage. In a corridor passing is more common than in a room (yes, sometimes you find tiles in a room renovation, nothing surprises me!).

The polished concrete – As for wall tiles, you can use the polished concrete, which will cover all of your tiles. This can be a good solution when you want Deco give Loft next to his room.
The resin – What is nice with the resin is that some of them are compatible with underfloor heating.
Laminate flooring – Ideally, I would advise you to ask a insulating layer under your floor before. Obviously, this solution is a little more expensive and requires more expertise …
Self-adhesive PVC tiles – Do not think it’s easier because it’s sticker … No, no, no! For your rendering is nickel, prepare your support (= tile) which means asking a bonding primer (specific undercoat) and a leveling compound to fill the joints.
Lino – This is a bit like the tiles / PVC blades, even if you take a thick linoleum, over time, you may see appear on your lino the roughness of the pavement which is below and it will not nice one.

What color to choose for the walls of the kitchen?

You plan to redo the decor of your kitchen and the choice of the painting is for you a real headache. Be inspired by our moods and discover our tips for choosing paint your walls depending on the color of your kitchen, its brightness and style.

What color the walls with white kitchen furniture

Elegant and timeless, white kitchen units allow any combination of colors on the walls. Why not opt ​​for a total white look in a “laboratory” spirit, playing only on the effects of materials?


If the kitchen furniture are bright, it will be better to focus on a milky white, lightly powdered. By cons, if the kitchen furniture is stain, opt for a lacquered paint. The goal is to play the contrast of textures.

For a warm spirit, black or charcoal gray slate are quite up to the walls. These shades are strong, we advise you not to paint one section of wall and then punctuate the decor including these colors in the accessories. A decorator tip to remember: it is daring which is attributed a real style to a room!


What color the walls with red kitchen furniture

With red kitchen furniture, do not hesitate to play the contrasts and modernity on the walls! Red is a strong color that gives a kitchen a contemporary atmosphere. To highlight this modernity, you have to play with gray, black and aluminum, in contrast with the red furniture. A medium gray paint on the walls and a black wall tiles give the base note. Feel free to highlight the modern feel using a lacquer.

For a downright futuristic kitchen, dare paint or metallic aluminum or steel-colored tiles. A section of wall enough to further accentuate the modern red furniture.

What color the walls with kitchen furniture in oak

Everything depends on the age and condition of the furniture. Kitchen with new oak, it is necessary to highlight the nobility of wood. Therefore choose for the walls of the tones in harmony as the main actor of the piece is the furniture. A creamy beige paint on the walls and a beige wall tiles if dark oak. For light oak furniture, prefer a coffee milk paint and a chocolate tiles. Gourmet and elegant atmosphere guarantee.

For older oak kitchen, why not paint the furniture? Just cleaning them, sand them, to spend an undergrowth layer and apply the chosen shade, satin or powder for easier maintenance. It then remains to match the walls of the kitchen to the color of your “new” furniture!

What color the walls with green kitchen furniture

Green is particularly tonic Deco because it evokes a refreshing kind. Even believed to anti-stress properties. Married to the brown color, it will bring the room a note of warm earth, it is the insurance for your kitchen a very natural dynamism.

What color the walls with kitchen furniture in light wood

The light wood kitchen furniture evoke the sweetness of refined Scandinavian style. Minimalist design where the neutral tones of the walls come in harmony with the light wood furniture. The idea is to create a natural and peaceful atmosphere for a kitchen where he will live. Therefore, avoid bright lacquers and contrasting colors, as well as mixtures of material.

The walls will receive a matt paint chosen in the range from sandy taupe tones, keeping in mind not to decide the color of furniture. Likewise for the tiles, to fall in the same range of tones to retain the natural sweetness of atmosphere given by the light wood.

What color the walls in a dark kitchen

In general, we avoid dark shades in the kitchen. We indeed need maximum brightness in this creative space. Clearly, in a dark kitchen, white is needed, it can capture maximum light. A very clear picture associated with good lighting can also be a solution. Note that if your kitchen is small, cover its walls a light color will increase the feeling of space.

We also advise you to choose white or very light kitchen furniture. If they are not, you heard the possibility of repainting.

What color the walls in bright kitchen

If paint it white or very light colored walls kitchen is generally regarded as the best solution, it is possible to deviate from this rule when the kitchen is particularly bright and beautiful dimensions. For example you can paint the walls or red, a color that whets the appetite. To give a sunny atmosphere to the piece, look for yellow. Another possibility: paint the walls white or a very light color and repaint the kitchen furniture in a bright color, it will bring good cheer to the room


On the walls of this light-flooded kitchen, aluminum, tiles, paneling and brick coexist for the delight of decorative spirit family home fans.

  • What color the walls to an open kitchen

The trend is for kitchens open to the living / dining room. This new piece two-in-one, however, has clearly defined areas next color to avoid monotony.

To create a beautiful harmony, color of the walls can play extra time between the dining area / relaxation and the kitchen area. For example you can just paint or paper in the same color or decline in the same range cooking in a lighter tone. In both cases, mark the break between the two worlds with the laying of a strip of wallpaper pattern. Conversely, it is entirely possible to book paint kitchen side, for maintenance convenience and choose a wallpaper in the same range of colors for the living room.

You can also create a strong contrast between the two areas by playing with black and white for example.


In this Inside, the dining room is open to the kitchen but the black wall helps to clearly delimit the two spaces.

What color the walls to the open kitchen in a studio

In a studio with a kitchen open to the living room, it is interesting to define the two areas with the choice of two different colors. For walls kitchen side, bet on a strong color like red. This will enhance the space. Room side, choose a light color, and all will be more harmonious.

Note that if your studio is spacious, you can mark the separation between the two spaces by applying a strip of wallpaper pattern.

Choose what color to paint a room?

The lounge or living room is the room where you spend the most time in your home. The color choice is important.

How to choose the colors of a living space both crossing point, living room or reception? Here are some ideas to enhance your walls.

What color to choose for your living room?

Living room par excellence, the lounge is also a thoroughfare, and the most visited part with your guests. Find the right balance between personal decoration, neutral colors to make your living room the heart of the house.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors

The living room is both a living for your family and the part that sees through all your guests, friends or acquaintances . So it is wise to use neutral colors that will both warm the atmosphere and remain sober enough to receive. Moreover, it is a room where you spend a lot of time , it would be difficult to put too garish colors, which you may get bored fast.

The trend is therefore to neutral colors , possibly enhanced with more vivid touches. A range of white , more or less broken and gray is added the brown range , like glossy brown, taupe and chocolate. The warmer tones , pulling the magenta or orange, can also find their place, like pastel colors . Nothing prevents you, however, add more bright colors to contrast keys space.

How many colors in the living room?

At a maximum, it is considered that three different colors in the same room even help maintain visual harmony. A rule thus applies to the living room, although you must also take into account its size.

If it is large , change colors, for example on a wall, lets give depth and texture to the room. However, if space is limited , use a single color, or you may stifle the room.

Finally, the natural lighting in your living room can also change the colors with skill: if your windows face north or your room is very little sun, the warm colors are to be used to compensate for the lack of light. Conversely, facing south, your living room will be adorned with cooler shades .

Colors to suit your style

In addition to the recommendations for use, it is especially important to find the harmony that will suit you. Between neutrality and customization, you must seek balance to feel good in your living room.

The style of your decor, furniture and the mood you want to give the room are essential in the choice of colors . If wood is your favorite material, play with natural colors for highlight. A lounge inspired by the industry trend , with brushed metal furniture, marry best with shades of gray and vermilion keys for example.

Remember also to remain consistent with the rest of your home: if you particularly fond of a shade, why not make callbacks in each room?

Question colors, all tastes are in nature. And that is why we find ourselves often stuck when you have to choose the color of our living room. White is safe but not really original; color, with pleasure, but why not be disappointed with the result? So if the final decision is based on our tastes, here are some rules to follow colors to be sure not to make mistakes and create a harmonious décor.

The color of your clothes

For starters, look at your wardrobe and you will see immediately the dominant colors, these are the ones that you like the most. For example, if you never turn blue, why would you put blue on the wall of your living room?

Test the product on the wall

Paint wide strips of colored paper that you enjoy. Apply to the living room walls with double face for days. You will find you spontaneously eliminate certain colors.

Three colors maximum

Decoration stylists agree to respect the rule of three colors maximum in a salon they are
– In harmony neighboring colors on the color wheel (purple, blue, green)
– In contrast to the colors in opposition on the color wheel (red, blue, yellow)
– Or complementary, diametrically opposed colors (yellow and purple).

Neutral colors for the living room

The living room is a part of “residence”, that is to say we have to stay there a long time, unlike pass through rooms as input. It receives, it discusses, there watches television, a relatively neutral color is needed in order not to confine space.

The colors paneling

With neutral colors on the walls, you can paint the frames of your doors and windows from one to three tones over the color of the walls, and a satin paint.

A strong color on one section of wall

Do not deprive yourself applying your favorite color in the living room, but on one wall there is a strong color like red. Behind the sofa , for example, it will identify the lounge as distinct from the dining area if one has a large living room. It can then be broken down in the kitchen and the entrance by keys, to become the color of your driver deco wire.

Strong colors only mat

Reminder: you will not use satin paint if your walls are in very good condition because it highlights the flaws. And strong colors will be applied in order to avoid the mat “bling bling” side.

The colors bestsellers deco designers for the show:

The neutral colors: chestnut brown, taupe, linen, gray, sand are good alternatives to white shades.
The bright colors to be applied to a single section of wall and abseiling in accessories: red, aubergine, purple, electric blue, orange, green anise.

Wall color: how to choose the color

The colors we choose for our inner affect our morale and the perception that one has of the room. Some soothe, others oppress. Some have visually enlarge the room when other crush. The choice of colors is important to the extent that a healing technique has been developed around this theme: color therapy or care by the colors. Decoration, the choice of colors is the basis of the atmosphere given a room. Here are some wall color trends in 2015

Color properties

Color properties

Warm colors like red, orange or yellow, represent and provide vitality and energy. They are preferable to the living because they do bring cheerfulness. It is rarely recommended to cover all the walls of a room with warm colors, which can break, but buttons or put on one or two walls, they provide heat and light.

Cool colors such as blue, green or purple, are soothing. They are also known in the driest parts of the globe to bring freshness to the house. They are advisable in the ponds or rooms.

The neutral colors like white, beige and gray, are basic in terms of decor because they associate with every style and are timeless. These colors can be used to temper bright colors.

Colors for the bedroom

Colors for the bedroom

The room is a place dedicated to rest. This piece allows to recharge and evacuate the stress of the day, but above all to sleep there. The colors that excite are banned on pain of saying goodbye to a sleep repairer. So you should choose soft colors, such as linen, pink or pale blue.

You can of course choose a bright color like turquoise or purple, but will be offset by more soothing colors.

Colors for the kitchen

Colors for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most vibrant parts of the house where food is prepared and where you take meals. This is a room dedicated to conviviality. Feel free to indulge yourself in bright colors. The only decision criteria will select a suitable paint the room and a matching tone with your items.

Colors for Living

Colors for Living

This is often the main room of the house, the one where we saw the most. It is therefore important to treat decorating, choosing the colors, because this place will be representative of the style of your home. This piece will be dedicated as much time as the calm moments of animated games and family discussions. The most cheerful colors lend themselves as much as the sober colors.

It is especially important to maintain a certain harmony with your decor. Unless the room is brighter, it is best to opt for a range of light colors.


Colors for the bathroom

The bathroom is often the narrowest part. It is best to avoid too bright colors that oppress, including the red. Also leave the ceiling white to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Cool colors are recommended for this piece of cocooning, because they bring a feeling of freshness and rest. Blue, including the color reminds more water.

Learn how to paint the exterior of your home

No need to be a professional painter to beautify and protect your exterior house like a pro.

Learn how to paint the exterior of your home

Preparation for painting

First, remove all of which is removable, such as planters, mailboxes, shutters, numbers, hoses, garden furniture, lighting, etc. For the rest, such as bushes and what cannot be removed, cover with drop cloths, as areas under the sections to paint.

The steps preceding the paint are: cleaning, which may also be effected by pressure, repairs (fill holes and cracks with caulking), and the laying of the finish on all surfaces.

When the primer is dry, and all the preparation is completed, move on to painting.

Do not forget to mix your paint before you start painting and also do it during use.

Start with the body of the house

You can paint with a brush, roller or both. The roller can save time, but the brush is still required for the corners, moldings and doors.

Painting with a brush

In order to soak your brush, immerse it in the paint in the first third of the hair and shake it lightly against the inside of the container. It is not useful to smooth the hair against the rim of the container, as too much paint will be removed.

Applying paint, make long even strokes with your brush. On the facing surfaces declines, paint buildup along the horizontal edges mean too thick or too little spread application.

We must remember that to get a coat of paint based uniform oil, we must move the brush several times.

Latex paints require less passage of the brush and because they dry quickly, excessive passages could cause marks in the film. For latex paints, generously apply the paint, give one or two strokes of the brush and let dry.

Painting with a roller

Brush application is ideal for porous surfaces such as masonry and stucco. Perfect for flat surfaces, the roller does not, however, make and file in the corners too much paint on the outer edges of corners.

To use a roll, dip it in the tray paint by rolling back and forth, removing any excess paint. If drops escape from it by lifting, is that it is too long charge. Effectuate rolling movements in different directions to cover the entire surface. Finish by ironing in only one direction.Finish with moldings

The moldings should be the last to be painted. Start with window frames, doors and window frames, sills and door moldings.

If the paint sticks to the sealant, it can serve as a protection against water. For a clean edge, scrape any excess paint with a razor blade.

If the flaps can be removed, see affix the paint before putting them back in place after everything else is finished.

That’s it! It’s time to admire your work!

5 Amazing DIY Idea for Book Shelf

Books are meant a lot, Book lovers just don’t love to read books, they also love to safe them and decorate the. Book storage can add a classy look to your room if you create unique shelves by the method of “DO IT YOURSELF” here are simple five Ideas to do this

  1. If you have two ladders and some planks of wood at your store room, you can create an awesome book shelf. Just fix the ladders to wall and lay wood planks between the steps of ladder. Color it, Let the color dry you have great shelf made by you. You can even use just one ladder to make smaller book shelf.DIY-Bookshelf-1
  2. Just hang the Old Piano to wall and give it new look to place your valuable books.2
  3. Fix a curtain rod to wall and hang a large length wise pocket made by you to place books.3
  4. You have antique TV in store room? Just empty it and put your books in it , It is an awesome Idea and you can add creative look to your room.4
  5. Use Old tables to make book shelf5

I hope this article would have helped you.

Tips to choose and take care of Bed Sheets for Bed Room

How to Choose Bed Sheet

Cotton: with cotton, guaranteed comfort. Known for its softness and lightness legendary, it effectively absorbs moisture and can be used all year round. However, it remains difficult to maintain and creases quickly enough.

The combed cotton (brushed) combing is a phase that is added to the creation of the fabric, it allows to eliminate the shorter fibers. This is a sweet and rather thin material that is resistant to wear and tear as well as pilling. It creases easily.

Egyptian cotton: high quality cotton which are made ​​into highly resistant long son. Offers quality comfort, fabric is silky and delicate. Its price is very high.

The finette: fabric created from cotton fibers, it is using a scratching which can then extract the fiber. It was at this time that its soft part develops. Excellent for the winter period because it is deemed to hold warm. Since the thread is bigger, it wears quickly.

The cotton jersey: jersey is a technique of weaving and linking son loops between them. Extremely comfortable, so it is flexible and may well include the entire mattress. By cons it is not very durable.

– Flax: known for its lightness, in addition to being absorbent it is indestructible. Like many natural fibers, it creases quickly and can shrink.

-Silk: designed using a mixture of different fibers (linen or Egyptian cotton), it is soft and highly absorbent but its price is higher than other fabrics and natural fibers.

Tips to choose and take care of Bed Sheets  for Bed Room

Synthetic fibers
– Polyester: it turns out to be very resistant to wear and pilling, though it remains wrinkle foolproof. His rough side made him lose points in terms of comfort and moisture absorption leaves a bit to be desired.

– Satin: characterized by its softness, with it you can sleep without décoiffer, so some users opt for satin pillowcases pillows. He slips and wears quickly. It is a shiny fabric.

– Cotton-polyester: it is a merger between the qualities of both materials comfortable for a more convincing result. The fabric offers better comfort, better absorption, resistance to the expectations and not very expensive. Over time, the wear is felt, which is why it should be changed regularly.

– The percale: it is a very specific form of weaving. It is a cotton of great quality, it lavishes a soft feel.

Maintain your sheets!
If you properly maintain your cloth, so you can keep up to 15 years. To do this, wash your sheets regularly and separately in your washing machine to remove dust mites.

For efficiency, we recommend washing with liquid soap and cycle “delicate”. Add vinegar in the water in order to keep the colors of your sheets.

What does it do?
The cloth is useful all year round. Cotton and linen convey a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth during the winter period due to their ability to easily pick up body heat.

In the summer, we recommend sheets composed of natural fibers for their quality to readily absorb moisture.
For winter, opt for flannel and cotton jersey that will keep you warm.

How best to choose?
To choose the right cloth, guide you in the first place on the information on the packaging of the textile (fiber characteristics, type of fabric …).

To get an indication of the quality of the cloth, fooled son in number per square inch sheets of about 125-400 per square inch son are most common on the market. We advise you son of 180 sheets per square inch which is amply sufficient to meet your expectations.

In the end, the quality of a cloth not judge by touch, the choice will depend on the matter, for from one to the other, texture varies and changes, offering at the same time different sensations. It’s still a matter of taste.