Window Treatments That Work Wonders


You’ve just moved into a new home and the windows need to be covered. Or, you’re settled in your current home, but the window treatments have you unsettled. Either way, you’re a candidate for new window coverings, what can transform any room and conserve energy. Let’s take a look at how to give your windows the right treatment.

Climate Considerations

Window treatments not only transform a room aesthetically, but they can impact how well a room is heated and cooled. Climate considerations are important, especially if you live in an area subject to intense variations in weather throughout the year.

Consider thicker window treatments if you want to leverage same to provide better control over your heating and cooling costs. If sun is a big concern and you want to reduce the risk of fading carpets or furniture, then keep this point in mind when you shop too.

Your Choices

Window treatments come in all sizes, shapes and designs. Your choices include anything that will cover the window, including blinds, shutters, curtains, drapes, panels, or what have you.

Further, such window treatments make use of a variety of materials, including fabric, plastics, and the like. Your color choices are boundless too — consider how you might coordinate the look of the window treatments to complement or contrast the decor. Lastly, you have a number of accessories to consider, including tie back, hold backs, tassels, and valances. Mix or match and change it up across the seasons.

Consider Curtain Rods

One of the easiest ways to install window treatments is to use curtain rods. The rods alone can make for a visual statement, with various colors and patterns available. Even the decorative end caps can add flair and distinction to any room.

The materials used to form curtain rods vary as well. You’ll find some composed of plastic, others of wood, and still others using various alloys, especially metal. Consider both the look and the weight of the rods when shopping for same advises Atlanta Custom Interiors.

Valances, Tie Backs, and Tassels

There are so many ways to personalize your window treatments. Drapes, however, offer the most choices and can transform your room by selecting a variety of methods and accessories.

For instance, a valance adds visual appeal and personal expression when installed above the curtains. Valances are especially important if you simply want to cover the curtain rods.

Tie backs alone are a fashion statement and offer a practical use too. Ideally, you’ll have the tie backs in place to hold open a drape to bring in the outdoors and then remove same at night when you need your privacy.

As for tassels, they bring in a level of panache and decoration that is akin to placing decorative touches on top of a cake. Certainly, they are frilly, but they’re very attractive nonetheless.

Picture This

We’ve looked at curtains, mostly at the expense of your other choices, such as shades,  blinds, and shutters. Any of the other choices may be right for you or could be used in different rooms.

For example, shutters can be ideal in a bathroom, especially if you want privacy while still welcoming natural light. Shades are great in a child’s room, especially for the toddler unable to nap during the day. And blinds look great everywhere, including in a den with shear curtains employed as well.

Budget Considerations

Window treatment costs can add up. And quickly. But the good news is that such treatments can last for many years. If you plan to be in your home for a long time, then don’t skimp on the look — they’re a worthwhile investment that can bring you much pleasure and satisfaction.

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