Why you should invest in insulating your attic?


If you are among the individuals that find attic insulation Calgary a burden on their budget and something that is a little extra for their home, you might want to think again. The attic’s use is far more than just storing your stuff and you got to pay attention to its maintenance. In fact, it is a barrier for your home to protect it from cold, heat, and humidity. As per the release of North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 90% of the homes are under insulated. And one of the primary insulations that are left unattended is in the attic. Here, we will discuss how it is beneficial for you.

Lowering utility bills

In an average American home, heating and cooling the environment contributes to as much as 50 to 70 percent of the total energy consumption. Considering that, if your home is not insulated properly, you will end up paying a lot more than necessary. Rightly insulated homes tend to be more energy efficient and would require less energy to heat or cool an area and maintain it at the right temperature. Ultimately, less energy consumption means that you will end up paying a lot less than you actually are. Air sealing your home by insulating attics, floors, and crawl spaces, can save you as much as 11 to 15 percent or even more on your bills.

Additional structural safety

The attic insulation helps in lowering the gradual damage to your home which is generally caused by heat and moisture. It assures that the water vapors are unable to penetrate in the walls and seep through it to the core of your home. Also, it lowers the buildup of heat inside your attic that can assist in preventing the growth of mold which grows when there is excess moisture. Insulation mitigates the effects of condensation and helps you in lowering down the gradual structural damage being done to your house.

Less HVAC use and maintenance

As stated, insulation helps in keeping your temperatures at optimum point and won’t require the heating and cooling systems to work overtime. However, without it, the HVAC system will thrive hard to keep temperatures in check. This leads to troubles as more working of HVAC means more pressure on the unit. Ultimately, excessive use will require you to pay attention to frequent maintenance and may lead to wear and tear of your system which can be prevented or at least lowered down with insulation.

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