Why you need an asbestos survey and what to consider when carrying out an asbestos survey


To maintain or repair any domestic and non-domestic premises, you will require to survey the asbestos that you intend to make use of. By this, there is a set duty and regulation by Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) that has to be fulfilled by any Duty Holder, who often has an Asbestos register. Carrying out the asbestos surveys in London enables the duty holder to be recorded in the register which lists all asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

However, for one to build a register, they must identify the type of ACMs, which will only be affected by having a suitable and qualified surveyor, who chooses to conduct one of the available survey types.

Carrying out the survey is, therefore, key to achieving among others the following objectives:

Plan management

The survey gives room for plan management to be affected. The plan is key in avoiding the release of fiber when using the asbestos as well as when carrying out maintenance. To achieve this, a survey called the Asbestos Management Survey, also called Type 2 survey, is put in place.

Another survey that used is called Asbestos refurbishment Survey. This survey is used when carrying out any kind of refurbishment or building works on the property. This implies that the an asbestos surveys in London is important is it will determine the kind of asbestos whether refurbishment or building works.

The survey further elaborates on several duties that should be managed under the Health and Safety at work Act, as well as providing additional details.

However, with this information at hand, there are several important factors that one should consider when carrying out an asbestos survey. Below are some of the factors to be considered.

Identify asbestos type

A workplace or any other place can be suitable in helping you identify the type of asbestos who intend to go for. Remember that there is a risk of exposing the asbestos fibers, therefore, be sure to be wise in choosing the asbestos type. The asbestos surveyor helps in the identification of any presence of asbestos.

Be aware of the surveyor competence

The surveyors should have skills knowledge in identifying the presence of asbestos through experience, training, and qualifications. To identify the asbestos, the surveyor should:

  • Have proper training on handling asbestos samples
  • Have knowledge and experience in identifying poor asbestos work Be familiar with construction and building practices.
  • Have knowledge and experience in eliminating and minimizing the risks of asbestos exposure.

Choose a proper survey type.

Different survey types are available for implementation. The survey can be management, refurbishment or demolition surveys. The survey type, however, varies according to the lifespan of the building or home.

Management survey is applied during normal occupation while the refurbishment or demolition surveys when the premise is going to be demolished or being renovated.

Survey planning.

The planning depends on how complex the building is structure is. This varies from story buildings to the uncomplex buildings.

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