Why You Need a NATE-Certified HVAC Technician


There are bound to be dozens of HVAC technicians in your city. How do you know which one to hire? You need to see which technicians have certification from North American Technician Excellence. The organization validates technicians who have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle a wide array of HVAC systems. There are several different NATE certificates people can get, and there are many reasons you should only work with professionals who have this proficiency.

Find a Professional Who Specializes in a Given Field

HVAC professionals can acquire certification in a given concentration. Experts can specialize in commercial refrigeration, oil heating, gas heating, air distribution and air conditioning. Therefore, if you know precisely what needs to be fixed with your unit, you can find someone who can definitely assist you.

Many HVAC experts claim to specialize in numerous fields. This means that while they can generally do everything, they may not know everything about each specific aspect. Looking for the NATE certification ensures you find someone who can help you with the exact problem your HVAC unit faces.

Ensure You Receive Quality Work

Someone may claim to be an HVAC professional, but when they come to fix your unit, it is worse than it is before. This can result in even further complications in your home. In many cases, people hire these uncertified professionals because they offer lower prices. Customers want to save some money, but those savings come at the expense of inferior work.

Although hiring a certified HVAC professional may cost more money, you see those extra funds appear in the results. Repairing components in your home is an investment, and spending more money will ultimately help you in the long run. This is why you should choose a NATE-certified HVAC technician every time.

Hire Dedicated HVAC Professionals

All HVAC professionals need to have some kind of certification. However, the exact requirements will vary from one state to the next.

You want to be certain you are hiring someone who has been in the industry for years now and is dedicated to the profession. When you see someone with NATE certification, you can be confident he or she is devoted to the craft. Many people do not pass the test on the first try, and it requires extensive knowledge and a score of over 70 percent. This certification proves a technician is willing to go the extra mile to provide excellence to customers. The test evaluates a technician’s book knowledge and hands-on skills, so you retain confidence.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a technician who has gone through the rigorous training required by North American Technician Excellence. Many contractors will only hire professionals who have NATE certification because it shows they are more productive, and they are more likely to bring in satisfied customers. They receive extensive training in basic electrical maintenance, taking humidity measurements, using basic science, basic construction and proper safety protocols. At the end of the day, it simply makes sense to look for the certification before you hire your next HVAC expert.

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