Why Vacation Homes Beat Hotels


Trying to decide if you’d be best off to stay in a vacation home or a hotel the next time you take a trip? You know how important it is to plan out your vacation well in advance and to get everything to be perfect so that you can have a stress-free, relaxing time, and choosing your accommodations should be the first step. As you’ll see, vacation homes on Marco Island beat hotels every single time. A few reasons why include:

Vacation Homes

  1. Vacation homes give you more comfortable space.

There is something about a home that just feels comfortable and relaxing. Even if a hotel is clean and updated, it still feels like a hotel. You never have as much space, and you feel like you’re in a temporary living area–because that’s exactly what it is. A home, on the other hand, allows you to fully immerse yourself in your vacation. You feel like a local, even if you’re only there for a week. For that time, you really live on the island, soaking in everything that island life has to offer.

  1. You get more privacy.

No matter how big a hotel room is, there’s no getting around the fact that there are other people on the other side of every wall. The business model for a hotel is simply getting as many people into the space as possible. That may be fine for a layover, but is that how you want to spend the whole visit? If you’d like some peace and quiet and your own space, a vacation home gives you what you’re after. You get privacy and seclusion so that your trip is never ruined by other travelers.

  1. Vacation homes offer more amenities.

With vacation homes, you also get everything you’d get in your own house–a full-sized refrigerator, multiple bathrooms, a stove and cooking area, and much more. A lot of hotels can’t offer this, or they offer the smallest appliances and spaces they can. Once again, these amenities make it feel like home, especially if you’re traveling with your family and you’d rather stay in for meals, rather than constantly buying meals at restaurants.

  1. The price.

When looking at everything you get, you may assume that a vacation home would be expensive. The reality is that they’re often cheaper than hotels, especially when looking at how many square feet you get for your money. If you’re trying to stick to that budget, a vacation home gives you the price-point you want, making it a far better option than a hotel.

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