Why to hire stamped concrete contractors


Thinking to spice up your outdoor décor? Why not implement some stamped concrete ideas and add a unique feature to the landscaping for boosting the curb appeal of your outside area.  Well, if you want the stamped concrete to look spectacular then leaving it to pros will be a wise decision. The reputed, experienced and knowledgeable Ohio concrete contractors will take away your headache and advise you well on building the stamped concrete uniquely.

Cost factor:

The cost may vary as per the area, grade and finishing. If you want something reasonable then you can choose one color and an exposed aggregate. If you want some customizations to the concrete then the price may go high. Average cost of some of the concretes is listed below for getting more clarity on the price:

  • Wood and stone patios are highly priced. Something at a reasonable price will be stamped concrete. A stamped concrete patio will cost $8/sf to$20/sf
  • A stamped concrete walkway will cost $6s/f to $10s/f. You can use flagstone or cobblestone depending on your choice and it should be in this estimated range
  • Cost of a concrete driveway will be $4s/f to $15s/f and finishing plus stamping will cost more
  • A stamped concrete pool deck adds safety and it prevents falls as well as slips. It is a cost effective alternative to wooden decks and natural stone patios. The average cost will be $12s/f.

Doing it on your own:

Whether you are thinking to remodel your stamped concrete or build a fresh one, a good contractor can assist you well in doing the job flawlessly. If you thinking how to stamp concrete on your own and how the entire process does works then you must know that it is not a DIY thing. It’s vital to get in touch with an experienced contractor who understand the job technicalities and give a perfect end result. However, you can still gain knowledge on the subject to get the best results.

The biggest aspect of the job is to place the concrete into patio, driveway, parking area, near the pool, etc. The surface needs to be leveled flawlessly so the concrete can be stamped. If required, a color can be used and you can use a powder or liquid form. The contractor can guide you better on this depending on the area, seasonal changes, budget, etc.  If there is a predesigned stamp the necessary pattern can be implemented by the pros even before the concrete gets dry. This will take time and it will depend as per the area and pattern you have selected. After stamping, concrete is left as it is so it can dry. Once the concrete has dried completely, it will be sealed to complete the look.

The stamped concrete contractors will also guide you on the care tips. The care tips are necessary for stamped concrete crack after a certain period of time and this spoils the appearance of the concrete. The color may fade and seasonal changes like too much cold or hot weather can also impact the appearance of the stamped concrete. So, you should not use steel shovels or salt on the concrete to avoid scratches and other harm that can spoil the look.

So, discuss about the type of concrete and most suitable pattern for your outdoor space with your contractor to get the best results.

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