Why Should You Use Poly Moulded Castor Wheels on Heavy Loads?


Industrial operations require a lot of heavy transportation. With that in mind, trolleys, carts, and other small transportation equipment are among the most essential tools used in any operation. However, these pieces of equipment can cause many problems when it comes to safety if mishandled. Moreover, using the wrong sets of wheels can wreak havoc when they fail to do their jobs properly.  

Polyurethane or Poly or PU moulded Castor wheels are commonly used on industrial applications, transporting heavy loads. From reducing the noise to being corrosion-resistant, these wheels offer many benefits and tons of reasons you should use them.  

Below are some of the most convincing reasons why you should use poly moulded wheels for heavy loads. 

Heavy load capability 

Poly moulded wheels are often used for transporting heavier loads than rubber. It can bear heavy loads while providing the same benefits as rubber treads, such as floor protection, shock absorption, and noise reduction. 

Noise reduction 

Poly moulded tires are also popular due to its quiet operation, which harder wheels, like cast iron or steel cannot provide. Moreover, polyurethane can also work as a shock absorber, cushioning the ride, as well as absorbing bumps due to uneven terrain. 

Furthermore, using poly moulded wheels instead of cast iron or steel can greatly reduce the noise levels around the work area, protecting your workers’ hearing. 

It protects the floor 

PU moulded wheels are the best choice if it is crucial to protect the floor. Poly moulded wheels can deflect and create a bigger footprint than harder wheels, like nylon. The larger the footprint, the lesser stress the floor will receive, keeping the floor in better shape. 

For work areas that need delicate, expensive floors for operation, PU moulded wheels are the best choice. 

It has the best traction and grip 

One of the benefits of poly moulded wheels is its grip and traction. These wheels have the friction coefficient, which describes the friction force’s ratio between different bodies and the force pressing them together.  

The rougher the surface is, the higher friction it has. On the other hand, a smoother surface produces lower friction when pressed together.  

The polyurethane material has a lot of grips to provide. Its high coefficient of friction property can keep the towed carts from turning over. It is an essential feature as sliding can be difficult for harder wheels. Moreover, poly moulded wheels can produce a good amount of traction, reducing the amount of weight on the wheel and providing the right amount of driving force. 

It resists corrosion 

There are many types of polyurethanes that provide different levels of resistance to a particular situation, environment, or conditions. For instance, water, chemicals, or solvents. In wet or humid conditions, a specific polyurethane can work effectively.  

This material would not corrode or break down when soaked in water for long periods. Meanwhile, a different type of PU is needed for chemical exposure that helps prolong the wheel’s life. 

Poly moulded Castor wheels have many other benefits in industrial applications, and the benefits discussed above are just some of its top advantages. Polyurethanes moulded wheels offer floor protection, noise reduction, ease of operation, and corrosion resistance while handling a lot of weight. 

Using different types of polyurethane moulded wheels can greatly impact your operation’s success. 

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