Why Every Australian Home Should Have a Ceiling Fan


With temperatures often reaching sweltering levels here in Australia, almost every home across this country is outfitted with an air conditioning unit. But did you know that you can reduce your energy bill while also increasing the stylishness of your home?

The Answer: a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fans of yesterday may not have been too attractive. There were limited design and colour options, causing the fan to stand out like a sore thumb to anyone who is entering the room.

The ceiling fans in Sydney today come in an incredible selection of colours, materials, and designs. They come in different sizes, with fans from 100 centimetres in length all the way to a metre or longer. You have your selection of blade materials (though the most common is natural wood and solid wood) and an array of options for finishes, such as:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Bleached oak
  • Faux granite
  • Rosewood
  • Burled camphor
  • White
  • Black

The number one reason why homeowners choose to have a fan incorporated into a room is to keep it cool. But that is not the only benefit of having one of these fans.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans Keep the Home Warmer

One little-known fact about ceiling fans is that they are just as useful in helping create and circulate cool air as they are useful in dispersing warm air during those chillier months. When the blades run in a clockwise position, your fan will be able to push the warm air which naturally rises to the ceiling down towards the floor, all without creating a draft. Look into choosing a fan with a reversible motor so that you can easily change the direction your blades are moving in.

Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Costs

Because the fan is able to help circulate the air throughout the home, you will find yourself using you air conditioning unit and heater less and less. In fact, having a ceiling fan can help reduce your electrical bill by up to 40%, with energy saving models leading to even greater savings. The fan is able to accomplish this by creating a draft in the room, which makes the room feel cooler and more comfortable.

Ceiling Fans Can Provide Lighting

A lot of ceiling fans on the market today come equipped with built-in lights, many of which are interchangeable so that you can choose the most attractive light fixture for your home. But even if you do choose a model that currently does not offer additional lighting, there are many easy to install do-it-yourself fan light kits that can be added on later.

Ceiling Fans Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

Ceiling fans are typically found indoors, but some companies offer specially designed ceiling fans for decks, porches, and other outdoor living areas. These fans can cool the outdoor temperatures by anywhere from five to 10 degrees Celsius, allowing you to extend your outdoor living season.

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