Which Room Should You Renovate First?


The bathroom and the kitchen are usually at the top of the list. Yet we typically only have a budget for just one renovation at a time. So which room should you renovate first? We’ll share a few tips on how to decide, depending on your situation. 

Usage and Usability 

Let’s start with the practical stuff. Is the room useable? In the kitchen, you should assess where you need to replace leaking gas appliances, electrical shorts to the oven. Similarly, in the bathroom, is the floor slippery or the bathtub difficult to step into? Next, consider what room you use more? 

Neighbourhood Norms 

No one can afford to be constantly renovating and modifying their home. But if you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, renovations may be needed for you to get the most for your money. Don’t focus on the nice to have elements like luxury lighting. Instead, make sure you have everything that’ll be on a homebuyer’s checklist. How many bathrooms does your house have relative to the rest of the neighbourhood? A house with one bathroom is at a disadvantage in a community where two or more bathrooms are the norm. If you’re concerned the bathroom is dated, you could replace the old tub with a more elegant design or semi-frameless shower screen in place of shower curtains. The same goes for the kitchen. You don’t have to have a chef-grade kitchen to sell a home. In fact, in a working-class neighbourhood, you wouldn’t get 30% back if you sold your home with a premium kitchen. In saying this, no one wants 1950s appliances in their kitchen. This is when upgrading to a full suite of modern kitchen appliances may be necessary to sell your home. 

Your Budget 

Maybe it’s not accessibility or design, but your budget that is the deciding factor. Let’s assume you just want to update your home so that you’re happy to remain there for a few more years. Where should you invest the money? One way of deciding this is where you spend the most time. While you’re in the bathroom multiple times a day, you may be able to avoid renovating it if you’re fine with its functionality. If you’re only in the kitchen to fix meals and it has a good workflow, the decorative elements may not matter much. And you may be able to swap out linoleum floors and clean things up and be happy with it. Consider your budget and what room really needs the renovation to help with your daily routine at home.

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