Where Can Structural Insulated Panels Be Used?


Structural insulated panels or SIPs vary regarding their thickness, the type of sheathing and the core itself. Depending on your structural preference and requirements, you can get the most suitable SIP UK insulation system. You can find a reputable company in your area to do the job for you so that your building can contribute to the protection of the environment. There are different applications of structural insulated panels, and these are for:

New buildings

Newly constructed structures will benefit most from using SIPs from the very beginning. The savings on labour cost and time are incomparable. Using SIPs will take weeks, even months, off your construction calendar, thanks to their ease of installation. They use SIPs for commercial, residential and industrial structures. Insulation kits are pre-cut off-site to customer specifications. Having your panels cut to your desired size will significantly reduce material waste.

Roofs, walls, and floors

If the roofs are either renovated, newly built or an extension of an existing structure, SIPs are the perfect insulation system. One good thing about them, when used on roofs, is that they can be utilised as the primary roof structure, or to insulate existing roof structures. They are also installed from the wall to the ridge beam so there will be extra space in the roof for storage and other purposes. Wall and floor insulation are done using structural insulation panels so that the cooling or heating is uniform all throughout the establishment.

Building extensions

Thinking of adding an extension to your home and installing an efficient insulation system? SIPs can provide your required heating and cooling. Building owners can have their panels cut to their desired sizes, making installation a lot more convenient, primarily if the extension built has tight spaces. Extension construction is also done faster with pre-cut and pre-insulated panels delivered to you.

Modular structures

Modular structures benefit significantly from structural insulated panels. Erecting a modular home with two bedrooms takes less than a week. A quicker turn around means considerable savings on labour, using the money saved for other construction needs.


SIPs can be used together with other construction systems. With the panels’ air tightness and insulation capabilities, existing structures need not be knocked down and replaced with SIPs. It translates to cost efficiency regarding construction. You can fill a space with SIPs pre-cut to your size requirements. Without the need to knock down other existing components, installation is quick and completed.

With a myriad of different uses, structural insulated panels are your best option if you are looking into installing insulation to your structure, whether it is newly built or existing. There are many advantages in using SIPs over other insulation systems, the cost of which is first and foremost. You also get to realise savings on energy consumption by more than half your usual consumption. Structural insulated panels are considered to be the most advanced insulation system that is suitable for all types of climate, be it cold, wet, hot or humid.

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