When is the right time you should change your door locks for the betterment of house


Your home security is the first priority you need to do in the first place, is to installing the best home security systems on your doors. For many people the first line of defense is to make their all doors secure and well protected with doors. Locks are not predictable anything could be happen, but the main thing is that you need to check regularly to protect your family and personal belongings.

Some house owners do not pay attention to their locks, they thought having a high tech locks surely can secure their house. But they are sadly mistaken. There will be a time come when you need to replace locks, security systems, and rekeying the locks. But you have to take the first step and make it done before your house locks starting to malfunction.

That is why below we have listed some real facts about when is the right time you should change your door locks for the betterment of house to help you avoid the late night calls to the professionals who would cost you very expensive. So, it is best you keep an eye on the signs on your locks when they need replacing or changing in the first place.

1) When you are moving to the new house:

Arguably the number one reason to change all your locks when you are occupying a new place, when you receive the keys of your new house, you can’t tell how many copies of this key are out there. This is the first reason you need to take initial step and change them for the better.

2) Got stolen or lost the keys:

If you lost the keys or got them stolen, then it is very essential that you chance the locks as soon as possible. Because you have no idea where you’re keys are. You never know which person has your keys and made more copies of it. http://www.paulsandberg.net/

3) Home break-ins or burglary:

If you had break-ins or burglary that is because damaged locks will put you at higher risk for another robbery. Even you get them repaired their mechanical failure will result in malfunction and could get jammed. After a robbery or break-in, the safest way is to think that your keys perhaps get into wrong hands and immediately change all the locks so the old keys might not give access to some stranger.

4) Other circumstances:

There are several circumstances where you need to replace or change your locks. Like having new roommates, locks gets damaged, locks get wear and tear, or you need to upgrade your home security system and calls the repairman while you are at office.

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