What’s Really Happening with Interior Decorator


When we talk about an interior decorator, please do not confuse it with an interior designer because the two are different. They are often mistaken to be the same thing but both the terms and the work related to them is different.

Though both interior designers and interior decorators are there to help you with your home or office space, they do different work. Interior designers work closely with architects and contractors and are involved right from the floor plans to deciding the decorative add on to your room. They help you design fresh or renovate your home/office interiors. On the other hand, an interior decorator comes in after the renovations or structural planning part is done. An interior decorator works on colour schemes, fabrics, space planning, furniture styles, accessorizing, etc.

What is Interior Decorating?

Interior decorating is the work/process of decorating the surface look of any space, once the structural planning and basics have been done.

The main work profile of an interior decorator is to help clients spruce up an existing space that needs to be set according to the client’s needs or updated. They help their clients in deciding the right colours, wallpapers, fabrics, styles, furniture, lighting and other accessories. An interior decorator needs to work with furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and other professionals providing decorative and space saving pieces.

Where can an Interior Decorator are needed?

The work of an Interior Decorator is no more restricted to homes. Now the services of an interior decorator are needed at almost all spaces including residential plots, office spaces, commercial designs, malls, hospitality industry, etc.

Latest Trends in the Interior Decorating Industry

This is the age of bold patterns, which are reflected in everything varying from printed wallpapers to upholstery, chandeliers to mirrors, to fabrics, etc. Darker hues and English colour tones such as indigo are also a big in these days.

How is the Interior Decorating Industry at Present?

In today’s times, the Interior Decorating industry is widening every day with so much scope of experimentation. You can get as creative as you want. Several factors are going to gradually change the entire game of Interior Decorations. A few factors, which are broadly affecting what’s happening to Interior Decorations, are:

The Introduction to Smart Homes

It’s 2017 and the time when craze for smart homes is picking up with smart phones in almost every hand. You have so many smart devices to convert your residential or office space a fully automatic space with the entire control in your hand. Also, these smart devices mostly come in classy look.

In the coming times, smart interiors are going to flood the interior decorations industry.

Modular Furniture

Furniture manufacturers have also come up with furniture styles that offer enhanced ease to people. The enhanced ease is the reason why the trend of modular, easily movable and multi-purpose furniture is increasing. These can be utilised in different ways and often contribute greatly to space saving.

Luxury rentals and the age of customisation: People are also showing interest in luxury rentals. This is again a win-win for interior decorators as anyone who rents a space would like to get it customised for them in this age of customisation. So, a lot of work opportunities for interior decorators as people come with their own furniture, their own taste and a unique style.

What is expected from an Interior Decorator?

In this competitive world, it is important for an interior decorator to stay up to date with the latest devices, accessories and other products coming up in the market. You need to be up to date with the latest designs, latest trends, and the latest additions in the industry to boost your client’s ease, provide greater space, and make everything look better.

The Bottom Line

However, the work of an interior decorator is way too exciting and gives you the freedom of being creative. You just need to take care of the clients’ needs, build an outline around it and work according to it. There is definitely a lot to experiment varying from the range of products in the market, smart devices, colours, patterns, fabrics, materials, and much more.

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