What Your Kitchen says about you


Is the working surface in your kitchen overcrowded? Or is everything empty, neat, and clean? Is the space filled with plants, or you have a completely minimalist kitchen? The look of your kitchen says a lot about you and your habits.

Kitchen  plants

A completely empty working surface
Your perfect home and life are the result of your impeccable organizational skills. You have a certain place for everything, and the word overcrowded doesn’t exist in your language. You also appreciate looks over functionality, and since your kitchen looks perfect, you probably do to!

Plants all around
If your kitchen is filled with plants, you probably cook a little less, but you still love your kitchen, and you want your guests to see you as a true host, which you truly are. The flowers are there to substitute your probably subpar cooking skills, and in that way you add to a homely kitchen look.

Fresh fruit on every corner
You are probably active, so everything in your kitchen is made for practicality, and when you are going to work, you just grab an apple or a pear from some corner, and you start your day like that. Also, lively colors of the fruit add a special charm to your kitchen.

Big glasses
If your kitchen is a display of glasses of various sizes and shapes, you’re most likely to invite someone over for a drink, rather than dinner. The kitchen, and probably the rest of your home, is meant for having fun, so you probably love enjoying life.

A collection of everything
You are very sentimental, and you have a hard time separating yourself from your things, even the smallest ones. Since everything you own has a special place in your heart, you want everyone to see that, so you make a display out of everything, filling up the space in your home, and your kitchen, with lots of memories.

Candy heaven
If there’s more candy than real food in your kitchen, that just means that you are not neglecting the child within yourself, and that you have a playful side. That doesn’t mean that you are immature, though. You just like to enjoy yourself.

A bunch of recipe books, a bunch of pans, bowls, plates, and various dishes. If your kitchen looks like this, maybe you’re not a professional chef, but you could probably be one. You love cooking, and you feel best when you do it alone. Your goal is to please the senses of you and your loved ones, and you are the happiest when you make the ones you love happy, especially if you make them happy with your cooking.

Coffee machine in the front row
If your coffee machine stands out in your kitchen, then probably the morning is your worst enemy. And the first you do in the morning, before talking to anyone, is to have a nice, hot cup of coffee. Also, you like to take your time in the mornings. You don’t like rushing, so you take your time sipping your coffee.

The look of your kitchen can truly say a lot about you. That doesn’t mean that everything in this text is dead accurate, but you’d be surprised. When somebody knows what to look for, even insignificant things like blinds, or a rare set of dishes can say a lot.

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