What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Home


Coming across mold in your home can be a highly stressful event leaving you wondering where to turn to begin the process of eliminating it from your home for good. If you’re left reeling and don’t know what to do next, here are some important first steps to take.

Hire Someone to Inspect Your Property

With mold, there’s no telling how bad the situation is at first glance. Mold can hide deep within walls and ceilings and floorboards. It could be a minor growth from a small leak in your bathroom, or it could be from a major leak that is hidden inside your walls. Regardless of the size, always remember that water damage and mold are serious. It is not a DIY job. It’s vital that you contact professionals who have the right gear and equipment to properly address the problem and handle it with care. Houston restoration companies can help you restore your home and get it back to its original condition.

Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

If there’s any indication of growing mold in your household, it’s due to a moisture problem somewhere within your home. Therefore, it’s important to find the source. Until help arrives, though, it’s best to shut off your main water supply to stop the leak in its tracks or prevent any more moisture from building up.

Turn Off Your HVAC System

This might not seem important in the grand scheme of things, but any airflow in your home can allow for invisible mold spores to travel from room to room, potentially causing more areas to become infested. Avoid this issue by turning off your HVAC system and waiting for the all-clear from remediation specialists before turning it back on.

Finding unsightly mold in your home is an unpleasant experience, but there are methods for preventing it from spreading throughout your living space. Follow these simple steps to stay busy until professionals arrive on the scene to restore your household.

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