What Are The Different Types Of Basin Taps And How To Choose Good Quality Taps?


Apart from domestic use, basin taps also have commercial and industrial uses, like in factories, in hotels, restaurants and in many other industrial sectors. There are different varieties of taps composed of porcelain, plastic, steel or aluminum. Corrugated taps and normal taps are the best ones that can be customized and all those which have multiple utilities and functionality.

  • There are many people who love to use mixer over the basin also and hence go for either the dual tap pattern or the single tap with mixer option.
  • However, in any of the case, the look of the tap must be impressive as well as effective for the water supply which is the prime motive behind it. There are many branded as well as non-branded taps available in the market and depending on the colors and material with which your basin is made, you can purchase the taps. You can consult the local hardware stores or the sanitary designers also, for availing different designs of taps.

Different varieties and patterns are available:

There are end numbers of varieties available for the basin taps. One can go for the traditional taps as well as the modern, stylish ones.

  • There are also taps with chrome, brass and gold polish available in the market. The taps are also available with sensors that can display the level of water and they can be operated with the help of motion sensor also.
  • You can search for different basin taps from the online portals. Depending on whether you want them for your kitchen basin or the bathroom basin, you can try out the designer and floral-printed or acrylic taps also. To add a touch of glamour, you can also try out the new art deco taps.
  • There was a time when one was dependent on the traditional markets and had to wait for the shop to open. In current age one can also order the taps on line and in few days the basin taps selected by the buyer are delivered at home by the store. There are lots of designs and patterns for taps that can simply make one force to explore all the designs and choose something really worth to pay for, in terms of design and quality. The Real value for money is also dependent on the functionality of the tap. You must check the washer, the casing and the faucet types before you make a purchase.

The varieties that will make you spoilt for choice:

There are a lot of varieties available in the style of taps also. There are mixer taps, mono taps, and Lever tap. Pillar tap, multifunction tap, tap with sensor, cross head tap and many more varieties that can be used by the buyer for his basin. All these taps have some peculiarities and hence they are much fit as per the use of the owner. The taps help in the flow of water in a particular way that can be more useful. There are many taps that can be used to stop the wastage of water and use each drop effectively. The mixer taps can be used for both the purposes such as for hot as well as for cold water or for a perfect combination of both.

Hence, overall it depends on one’s personal choice to go for a particular type of tap. However, the online stores can offer good option to choose from the huge range in the market. There are also many branded taps available in the online stores which can be shopped at a much cost-effective rate than the traditional market also. So, pick out the wide range of Basin Taps now!

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