Wall Art: Creative Ways to Bring Life to Bare Walls


Bare walls have a way of making a living space look – well, empty. No matter how much furniture you fill a room with, if you don’t do anything to the walls, the space always appears to be missing something. They are, after all the first things you lay eyes on when you walk into a room. Often setting the tone for your decor and serving as a key focal point, decorating your walls is a must. Here are some creative ideas to try:


If you’re looking for a way to bring some life to the bare walls in your kid’s room, chalkboards are always a win. Adding them to the walls (or investing in chalkboard paint and painting a feature wall) is a great way to allow your children to creatively express themselves.


Mirrors are great additions to home decor. When hung properly, mirrors pick up on the light and can make your living space feel even brighter. There are basic square and rectangular mirrors, or you might opt for a sculptural piece. Another idea would be to create a feature wall made of various sized mirrors arranged into a shape.


Trying to figure out how to liven up your office? A map, like those printed by Muir Way, can look very professional when framed and placed on the wall behind your desk. You can choose a map of the US or opt for a map of your favorite state or country.


Believe it or not, plates are becoming a popular option for covering bare walls. Securing them to the wall in a circle or diamond can look great in the dining room. With so many different styles of plates, you should have no problem finding some to match your kitchen or dining room decor.

Floating Shelves

If you need more storage space, your bare walls could come in handy. Floating shelves are units which are fairly easy to install on your own. You can add in a few of the same size, or mix them up. Then you can add books, candles, pictures, or whatever you’d like to them for additional style.


A more common option for decorating bare walls is to throw some artwork up. You can hang some of your favorite paintings up in matching frames to bring the decor together in the room. If you’re feeling creative or need an activity to do with the kids, canvas and paint are very affordable. You could easily create your own masterpieces to add to the wall.

Family Photos

Got lots of pictures of your family? Sharing your memories by hanging photos on the wall is a nice gesture. It tells the story of your family and makes your house feel more like home. You can get creative with it, however. Choose cool colored frames, arrange them in a diamond, or completely fill the wall from top to bottom with photographs.


Becoming popular again for decorating walls is wallpaper. You can find it today at an affordable rate in just about any color or pattern. Textured designs are great for feature walls in the living room or dining room.

Reclaimed Wood

If you’re going for more of a rustic look in your home reclaimed wood can make a nice addition. You can salvage wood and have it sanded and restained to the color of your choice. Then nail it to your feature wall for a country living feel.

Potted Plants

Plants do a lot more than just look great, they literally help breathe life into a living space. If you’re good at tending to houseplants you can invest in wall-mounted potted plants. Adding a few of these to your office wall would be nice. You can also plant herbs and add them to your kitchen wall.

Your walls are a blank canvas. Whatever you can imagine can quite possibly be added to your walls. Whether you opt for a gallery wall, photo collage, or wallpaper and floating shelves, it can add character to your space and bring the rest of your decor to life. Take a walk through each room in your house, choose a wall that’s bare, and put some of these ideas to use. You’ll feel like your home came straight off the latest decor magazine.

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