Vinyl Siding Colors


Vinyl siding material is among the building materials that homeowners prefer to use. It is very versatile, durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. They are also easy to install. Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colors that you can choose from. The color that you want will depend on your taste and preference.

Some people can install the vinyl siding themselves or hire professionals to do it. If you are looking to upgrade your home orbuild a new one, the following are some of the vinyl siding colorsthat you can choose from.

  1. Marigold

This is a very warm and a light color that can brighten your home’s exterior. The best choice for Marigold is the Yellow tones of Marigold. This color is ideal for warming and brightening a home without making it look too bold. When paired with crisp white trim, it can be found in a wide range of architectural styles and in all areas.

  1. Natural Clay

This color is ideal for homeowners who love white but don’t want a stack of shades on their homes. Natural Clay is cooler than cream or tan and still has some personality. It pairs well with beige, tan, and brown for those people who want to create a monochromatic exterior for their homes.

  1. Olive

You can consider this color if you like the idea of gray but want to add a little more personality and color to your home. Olive is also another color which is rich in green shade and too close enough to gray. This color is very common in homes in the south or on the west coast.

  1. Pacific Blue

This color works best for those people thatlove blue but want something a little deeper and more somber.  Pacific blue is more subdued in tone than coastal blue. It remains the nearly popular universally when it comes to all the blues; it is the mostly used blue by the homeowners.

  1. Snow White

A majority of homeowners love the classic look of white for their homes. Snow white gives you that crisp, clean and cool color that pairs perfectly with other classic shades like gray, black, and red. When all these colors are mixed, they can create a traditional architecture.

  1. Sterling Gray

Sterling Gray is also a very light gray siding that works well in different situations. It is one of the lightest shades that are available. Sterling is a pure gray with no warm undertones. It works perfectly well with other cool colors like blue, green, and black to create a harmonious exterior.

  1. Suede

Suede is a rich and warm color that pairs well with other colors. If you want your home to appear attractive to guests, suede can be the best color to choose. Suede works well with other light or dark shades to let you create a unique and a cohesive palette.

  1. Mahogany

The staindoesn’t have to be light or warm in color to be effective. The Mahogany stain can be the best complement to a rustic home and building. The warm brown tones of the stain allow the house to fit in well with the surrounding.

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