Uses for Builders Trestles


Trestles have many uses and can help you to complete just about any project. They are easy to put together and made of high-quality materials. Given how sturdy and durable they are, they serve as a reliable source of support. Whether you want to reach an item that is up high or you are completing a painting project, trestles serve as a convenient platform. The following are some of the ways in which trestles can be used.

Home Use

Trestles help you retrieve items that are hard to reach. For example, they are perfect for reaching above cabinets. Trestles can be used to complete gardening tasks, being particularly useful for clipping tall bushes. Regardless of your needs at home, trestles will be of benefit.

Their sturdy frames provide the support you need to prevent any injuries. Some trestles even have handrails, which provide increased support. Trestles can be adjusted to the height you need and combined for convenience.

Use for Trade Jobs

In addition to using trestles at home, you can use them for professional trade jobs as well. Whether you are a painter, decorator, or builder, trestles make your job easier. TopTower stock high-quality builders in trestles that can be used for a wide range of projects. For painters, trestles help ensure that paint is evenly distributed across walls and in corners. For plastering jobs, trestles provide the platform needed to prevent plastering mistakes. Builders and decorators also find various uses for trestles.

Builders Trestles

Exercise Use

Although it is not common, another way in which you can use trestles is for exercise. Trestles can be used for squats and other minor exercises that require a stand. Since trestles were not originally designed for exercise, it is not advised to hang from trestles as this could result in injury. In sum, trestles can be used for a wide range of activities and are convenient to have around.

Benefits of Trestles

There are many benefits of using trestles. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, and are made of many different materials. Trestles are popular because they are sturdy. Some trestles are made of steel and are galvanised to increase their durability. Galvanised trestles are particularly beneficial because they do not rust and they have a nicer appearance. Many believe that galvanised trestles look more professional because they look finished. Less expensive trestles are finished with paint but are still quite durable and sturdy. Special pins are used to maintain strength.

Trestles can have fixed legs or swivel legs. Swivel legs allow for more movement and flexibility without compromising the integrity of the trestle. Moreover, they take up less space because they can be folded and stored on their sides. They can also be combined to create platforms. Essentially the options are endless.

Ultimately, trestles provide a quick and easy way to complete various jobs. Whether you are working on a project at home, completing a trade job, or doing squats, trestles come in handy. They are sturdy and affordable. Trestles come in an assortment of sizes, colours, and shapes, and finding the perfect one for you is easy.

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