Useful Tips for Moving House


Moving is probably on everyone’s “hate to do” list, and when you consider the stresses of having all of your valuable and personal possessions manhandled by a team of total strangers, it isn’t surprising that some folk dread this activity. Delicate ornaments and antique furniture need to be carefully packed, and with that in mind, here are some helpful pieces of advice for the soon to be house relocation.

  • Create an Inventory – Like anything else, moving house is all about preparation, and this begins with listing the inventory of items that will be included in the move, and everything else should be designated to either be sold or dumped. You will be surprised at just how much stuff the family has accumulated, and with a thorough search of the attic and the spare room, those old kitchen appliances and packing boxes can all be separated prior to the big day, which makes listing the items to go so much easier.
  • Find an Established Removal Company – Ideally, you would be dealing with a local company, as the results are location based when searching in google. Don’t accept the very first quote, and asking 3 or 4 contractors to quote will ensure you get a fair price, and once you have made your decision, all that is left to do is confirm the dates a few days prior to the move and the team will be there at the appointed time, ready for action.
  • Tapeless Boxes – These innovative additions really do take the hard work out of packing, and with clearly marked labels on the side of all the boxes, you will be able to unpack without an issue. Any established removal company would have all the packing materials, and whether you wish to do the packing, or let the experts handle it, this stage of the process is vital to a stress-free experience.
  • Termination of Local Services – This often gets overlooked, so make sure you contact the gardener, the A/C service engineer, and any other essential services you use. If you are moving a short distance, you might wish to continue the agreement, in which case, simply inform the company of your new address. If the move is any distance away, you will want to terminate any agreements you might have with service companies. One must not forget utilities for both properties, and make absolutely sure you have cleared any outstanding bills, and with the new residence prepared in advance, you will have gas, water and electricity as soon as you move in.

Obviously, the sooner you organise a removal company when moving house to Exmouth, the better, and with their help, the relocation should be stress-free and you and your family can look forward to a new and exciting chapter in your life. The best way to source the removal company is with an online search, and as soon as everything is agreed, you can begin to make the preparations for the relocation.


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