Use Pavers to Beautify Your Home’s Pavement and Driveway


 A paver is a type of flat stone that is made for paving areas of the yard, such as the driveway, patio, or walkways. Both concrete and brick pavers are used for this purpose and can provide homeowners with several decades of use.

When choosing a brick, fly ash brick (FAB) offers resiliency. Fly ash is created by coal-fuelled generating plants. Usually the coal is pulverised and blown with air inside a boiler’s chamber, where it ignites and manufactures a hot molten residue. Fly ash brick is preferred for its longevity, as its decay rate is lower than red brick materials.

Concrete Pavers

The concrete pavers made for Suffolk paving and driveways resemble brick, tile, or stone materials. The concrete in the paver is combined with a colouring agent before a mould is set.

Block Paving

Block paving, also referred to as brick paving, is normally used in decorative pavements. The primary advantages of using bricks over other types of paving materials is that each brick can be lifted and repositioned or replaced.

Initial Upfront Costs

Typically, homeowners choose from four types of pavements when paving a driveway. These pavements include pavers, concrete, asphalt, and gravel. Whilst the paver driveway is normally the most expensive, a gravel driveway is the least costly upfront. However, the same cannot be said as far as maintenance.

A Low-maintenance Paving Material

That is because a gravel driveway requires more continual maintenance. Asphalt and concrete follow, respectively. The paver driveway, however, needs very little ongoing maintenance to support its serviceability and looks.

A Long-lasting Driveway

In fact, a paver driveway that is properly installed and maintained can last as long as forty years. The length of time is based on the sub-grade’s stability, the frequency of maintenance, and the climatic conditions of your locale.

So, making the choice for a paver driveway is a good selection. The drive will not only provide added kerb appeal, but is also a unique and beautifying addition to any property.


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