UPVC vs Composite doors


The entrance and exit of your house should not only serve as a means of protecting you from external elements and potential threat but you also need to make an impression with it.

Choosing the right windows and doors and can go a long way towards doing that.

As such, it is an important task choosing the right exterior doors for your home than the interior ones which do not really have much impact on how your home functions except for the little aesthetic difference between them. And in choosing your external doors, you need something that is both aesthetic and functional.

Other vital attributes that you might want to watch out for include: solidly built, high quality, high durability and so on. And in this write up, we will be taking you through the two main types external doors available – Composite and uPVC, with the hope that you will decide on which one works better for your home

uPVC Doors

The acronyms uPVC means unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.  They are commonly known by industry bods as rigid PVC. The uPVC is a stable and safe plastic material that is now commonly used in producing exterior doors due to its ability to resist water and its recyclable nature.

Benefits of uPVC Doors

The main benefit that uPVC doors have over wooden or composite doors is the cheap cost. It is much cheaper to produce them than the wooden ones which would eventually reflect in what you pay the manufacturers. More so, they are more secure, as they can’t split like the conventional wooden doors.

But a major flaw for people using uPVC doors is their finish and image. What you get with uPVC is what you will always have but you can change the painting style of wooden doors to your heart’s content.  Using uPVC doors look cheaper due to their plastic nature but the finish always comes as a standard white.

Why to Buy uPVC?

If you can shake off their looks, then you can go for uPVC as a fitting alternative to wooden doors. Also, they are not usually heavy, so you might not involve a joiner as you can install it by yourself. This could further save on costs.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are made of the best collection of door materials, which correct the many drawbacks associated with other door types. Different materials could be used in producing these doors and most of the time, they are chosen based on their specific and beneficial needs. For example, a typical composite door could be made up of various woods, PVC, glass reinforced plastic and insulating foam. And what you get in this situation is a door with a long-lasting look and color that will not easily fade away with time, higher thermal resistance (due to the insulating foam) and greater resistance to different weathers, An ordinary wooden door won’t have all these mentioned characteristics and no uPVC door will be as durable. However, all these extra materials added will always reflect in the price. The composite is the more expensive door type.

Benefits of Composite Doors

Some purists will tell you that composite doors are fake since they are made of different mixtures of materials making them lack the pureness of a decent wooden door. But the fact remains that they are still better and when compared to uPVC doors, they are generally thicker and their reinforced nature and tougher frames means that they can secure you against potential intruders. And when it comes to designs, there are different options for you, with various styles and finishing that are not possible with the uPVC or conventional wooden doors. More so, they require little maintenance, this is the biggest plus especially if you run a busy household.

Why Buy a Composite Door?

Simply because you are getting the best benefits any door type could provide. And the most exciting part of this is that there are some composite doors that are quite surprisingly affordable.

 Just check out the range of external composite doors to see for yourself. One major thing is that they won’t warp with time and don’t require repainting every time as they don’t fade with the elements. Also, multi-point locks can be easily added to them thereby giving your home better security. These are all what you stand to get if you go for any of these doors.

In summary, whether what you need is an entrance door, back door or both, there are various options apart from the ones listed above from which you can choose.

For conventional home purposes, however, the wood, composite or uPVC doors might be an attractive and a cost effective solution. All you need to do is to make your choice based on what is suitable for your needs

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