How To Upgrade The Look Of Your Kitchen


We all want our kitchen to look neat, organised, and stylish all the same time. But the truth is, not all of us can afford a major revamp nor blessed with a spacious kitchen area.

Well, here’s some good news: you can still upgrade the look of your kitchen without having to break the bank! With these stylish design ideas, you can definitely boost the overall vibe of your kitchen and make it look as luxurious as you can.

Learn how installing some brand new lighting, integrating carefully chosen furniture, and adding in a few art pieces can transform your current kitchen into becoming a lot more chic and contemporary.

Be inspired with these design inspirations:

Stylishly Industrial

This open-plan home is the perfect example of how industrial elements can blend well together with modern interior.

The same works with planning your very own industrial kitchen; you might not have high ceilings and exposed brick walls, but you can still achieve the look by incorporating some elements that will bind the design together. Why not place some stainless (and even wooden) chairs, earth-toned accessories, a set of dangling bulb lights, and a few other items that you think would complete the look.

Choose Neutral Tones

Mixing the elegant tones of nature results to a harmonious blend of elegance and minimalism that will always be on trend. To achieve the look, be sure to make your kitchen look light and airy, yet packed with rich details and textures. Focus on wood, stones, neutral colours, and lots of natural light.

Incorporate Some Art

Displaying artworks can definitely add interest and character to any room; that also includes your kitchen space.

However, if you don’t have enough wall area to exhibit some big canvas, you can always go for something simpler but with lots of style and texture. Remember, even subtle changes can create luxury kitchens.

Install New Lighting

Replacing your old kitchen lights for something a bit more sophisticated is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your space. Also, choose a design that can easily be the centrepiece of the room, so it serves both purposes.

Don’t be afraid to go big because even the smallest kitchen with a chic pendant light can look remarkably luxurious.

The Chic Bar Stools

Nowadays, a wide selection of bar stool designs are already available in the market, so there’s no reason for you to still go for the plain-looking ones unless you intentionally want to. Opt for the ones that seamlessly match your kitchen theme and casually thrown in a soft blanket for a cosy touch.

Try out these stylish design ideas that will maximise the potential of your home! Show off your style and personality, and transform your plain-looking kitchen into a luxurious one.


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