Unique Home Decor Ideas


Southern homes are becoming more sought after due to their unique style and design that is becoming well known as the farmhouse style. These types of homes offer charming character yet provide sensibility. Within the farmhouse style category, it is common to see chippy paint, exposed wood, repurposed furniture, and vintage pieces. Here are some beautiful and creative design ideas to welcome into your home.

Vintage Furniture

These pieces are a must-have in your home. Not only are vintage furniture pieces generally built better but they have beautiful detail. Whether you implement a new sofa with a vintage chair and side tables, a vintage hutch to a dining room, or a vintage chest at the bottom of your bed, you shouldn’t wait on the chance to bring a special piece like this into your home. A blend of old and new is the perfect mix that farmhouse style achieves.

Sliding Barn Doors

Some things are better left unseen. This is where a sliding barn door can come into play. Instead of using the same manufactured closet door your great grandmother has, adding a rustic barn door adds the perfect pop of southern charm. If you don’t think adding a statement door is the step you want to take, don’t be afraid to start small by adding a small barn door onto a cabinet. 

Chicken Nesting Boxes

You may not have any chickens, so why exactly would you need a chicken nesting box? These large pieces can be used for so many things and giving these boxes a new lease on life makes us swoon. The first thought for nesting boxes is that they can be utilized as a shelf or storage bins almost anywhere. Place them above a buffet in your dining room to display your favorite items or dinnerware, use it as a shelf to display books or antique farmhouse pieces, or even use it in your child’s playroom for extra toy storage. Get creative, the possibilities are endless. 

Open Shelving 

It won’t be long until floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets will be outdated. It is becoming more popular to have an open floor plan and exposing walls to make a home feel bigger. Open shelving not only allows you to beautifully highlight your dinnerware that may only be used once a year but provides a unique detail. Start small by removing an end cabinet’s door and painting the interior of the cabinet the same color as the exterior. This provides the cohesive look of the cabinet being a piece of furniture and gives you the ability to have open storage without removing an entire wall of cabinets.

Exposed Wood

There are so many opportunities to place exposed wood into the perfect place of your home. Make a dull wall pop with the detail of a floor to ceiling shiplap wall or an all-white room feel cozier with large wooden beams on the ceiling. Allow original wood for the home to be exposed instead of covering it up with wallpaper that will soon be outdated. 

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